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Title Характеристики і функції підприємництва та деякі теоретико-методологічні завдання маркетингу
Other Titles Характеристики и функции предпринимательства и некоторые теоретико-методологические задачи маркетинга
Authors Луцяк, В.В.
Keywords підприємництво
історичний розвиток
теорія фірми
характерні ознаки
умови здійснення
функціональні ознаки
завдання маркетингової діяльності
историческое развитие
теория фирмы
характерные признаки
условия осуществления
функциональные признаки
задачи маркетинговой деятельности
historical development
theory of firm
enterprise features
conditions of implementation
functional characteristics and problems
Type Article
Date of Issue 2014
Publisher Сумський державний університет
Citation Луцяк, В.В. Характеристики і функції підприємництва та деякі теоретико-методологічні завдання маркетингу [Текст] / В.В. Луцяк // Маркетинг і менеджмент інновацій. - 2014. - № 2. - С. 208-219.
Abstract У статті з’ясовується сутність підприємництва в контексті економічної діяльності, на основі аналізу історичної ґенези виділені основні характеристики, властиві підприємництву як чиннику суспільного виробництва. Ці характеристики дозволили сформулювати систему теоретико-методологічних завдань, спрямованих на забезпечення ефективності маркетингової діяльності підприємства. При цитуванні документа, використовуйте посилання
В статье выясняется сущность предпринимательства в контексте экономической деятельности на основе анализа исторического генезиса, выделены основные характеристики, присущие предпринимательству как фактору общественного производства. Данные характеристики позволили сформулировать систему теоретико-методологических задач, направленных на обеспечение эффективности маркетинговой деятельности предприятия. При цитировании документа, используйте ссылку
The aim of the article. Entrepreneurship is a sector of the market economic system that ensures satisfaction of social needs and fills the market with goods and services. The role of small business in the economic system of Ukraine is that this form of entrepreneurship is regarded as a factor that forms the competitive environment, which in its turn promotes a healthy market economy. Further development and elaboration of theoretical and methodological basics of small enterprises marketing activity requires constant attention with taking into consideration changes in the global market environment. The purpose of this research is the analysis of actual understanding of business, identification of main theoretical and methodological tasks aimed to ensure the effective functioning of enterprises in the context of marketing activity organization and realization. This paperwork resolves a number of issues in business content research and identifies the key targets of marketing activity of a company. The results of the analysis. The study was conducted with the use of system analysis elements, including historical and objective description of entrepreneurship as a factor of organizational basis of enterprise. This paperwork researches the genesis and the historical development of «entrepreneurship» as a substantive category. It also analyzes the basic characteristics that have been acquired by entrepreneurship in today's market environment. Entrepreneurship can be designated by following features: freedom, aspiration for success, risk, innovativeness, social responsibility, activity, initiative, social transformation. Activity, independence, aspiration for success and initiative of entrepreneurship are subject to the influence of political, legal and social-cultural environment. These circumstances cause the objective necessity of monitoring of the legislation that regulates business. The degree of risk in the entrepreneurship is associated with the instability of business environment, which though can be significantly reduced via the introduction of laws that would regulate the main market-forming factors and with the help of crisis management. Innovativeness can be realized through the implementation of the organizational model of enterprise; competitiveness management, pricing strategy, formation of the basic marketing principles of innovation activities in small business, application of innovative equipment, diversification of new products, the implementation of technology transfer. Social transformations are realized on the basis of changes in commodity production at the national level through the development of industrial structure based on actual raw materials sources, trademarks management and creation of systems of innovative products distribution. To fulfill the function of social responsibility in business it is necessary to evolve a system approach to quality control in the process of innovation. Conclusions and directions of further researches. The results of this research are the basis for the further development of theoretical and methodological framework of business marketing. The study of enterprise features made it possible to determine main problematic areas of marketing activities that are crucial to the market success of the enterprise. The practical value of the results is that solving of considered problems provides stable innovative development of enterprises, creates competitive advantages, reduces instability and risks in enterprise activities and improves the efficiency of the company as a whole. When you are citing the document, use the following link
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