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Title: Innovative development and factors affecting the innovative activity of industrial enterprises in Bulgaria
Authors: Sotirova, A.O.
Keywords: інновації
інноваційний розвиток
инновационное развитие
innovative development
інноваційна діяльність
инновационная деятельность
innovative activity
фактори, що впливають на інноваційну діяльність
факторы, влияющие на инновационную деятельность
factors influencing the innovative activity
Issue Year: 2016
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Sotirova, A.O. Innovative development and factors affecting the innovative activity of industrial enterprises in Bulgaria [Текст] / A.O. Sotirova // Управління економічними процесами. – 2016. – № 4 (13). - Available:
Abstract: Innovations are a necessity, innovations are a factor, innovations are the moving force of the companies in the 21st century. Every modern manager should recognize the role of innovations for the existence of the enterprises and to aim at innovative development. The novelties in various areas are to be followed up. It is necessary to look for the options and to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of innovations. The major objective of this article is to establish the state of innovative activity of industrial enterprises in Bulgaria and to identify the factors exercising the largest influence on their innovative development. The major results to be achieved are the establishment of the basic internal and external factors that support innovations, the deduction of the major problems occurring during the innovation process and the establishment of some directives to activation. The major methods of study used in this work are statistical methods for evaluation, method of analysis and synthesis, method of comparison. Information of literature sources has been studied and systematized within the process of research, as well as analytical reports of Bulgaria and the European Union, and results from an inquiry held are used, as well as statistical data of the National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Type: Article
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