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2016 Analyze of marketing resources of a region – the base for creation reasonable distribution policy of innovations at industrial enterprises Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna Article 2143 1535
2012 Art – aesthetic and critical potential of innovativeness Pastuszek, A. Article 270 0
2017 Clusters, innovations and energy efficiency: if relantionship could be traced Tvaronavičienė, M. Article 310 300
2017 Competitive advantage of innovative technology in high performance sport training centres Jonathan, C.P.; Halenin, Roman Volodymyrovych Conference Papers 736 666
2015 Creativity, creations and innovations in the management of small and medium-sized business Usheva, M. Article 1534 1446
2015 Determinants of innovations and competitiveness in the European Union Machnáček, V.; Strielkowski, W.; Shishkin, A.; Bilan, Yu. Article 1116 1034
2017 Dynamics factors of ukrainian economy innovative transformation: main points and specifics of influence Piurenko, I.; Banyeva, I; Garkusha, O. Article 428 206
2017 Economic and cultural impact of tourism marketing Wang, J. Article 288 435
2016 Economic and technological business methods in the era of innovations Sokolenko, A.P. Conference Papers 175 134
2015 Estimation of the innovative projects investment potential at the machine builders (evidence from LLC "Turbomash") Illiashenko, Serhii Mykolaiovych; Olefirenko, Oleh Mykhailovych Article 4950 4846
2015 Evolution and challenges of understanding the essence of the innovation in the determination of ukrainian economic competitvness Oleksich, D.V.; Oleksich, Zhanna Anatoliivna Article 154 70
2019 Fintech innovations and their influence on banks and the banking system Tsyrulk, S. Conference Papers 155 131
2017 FINTECH інновації та їх вплив на банки та банківську систему Kryvych, Yana Mykolaivna; Цирулик, С.В. Conference Papers 438 533
2013 Foresight for optimization of international innovation and technological cooperation Lapshyn, Viktor Vasylovych; Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych; Vernydub, Nataliia Oleksiivna Conference Papers 484 210
2017 Improvement of the mechanism of innovative development of small and medium-sized enterprises Kobushko, Ihor Mykolaiovych; Jula, Octavian; Kolesnyk, M. Article 2844 2764
2018 Influence of innovation factor in economic dynamics in Europe Smoliy, L.; Revutska, A.; Novak, I. Article 354 306
2019 Information Economy: Management of Educational, Innovation, and Research Determinants Shkarlet, S.; Kholiavko, N.; Dubyna, M. Article 274 232
2016 Innovation in marketing of Tata motors Taraniuk, Leonid Mykolaiovych; Gourango, Mahapatro Conference Papers 1413 1311
2018 Innovation in public finance management of sustainable human development Kozarezenko, L.; Petrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych; Tulai, O. Article 396 367
2017 Innovations and academic publishing: who will cast the first stone? Molchanovа, A.; Chunikhina, N.; Strielkowski, W. Article 616 566