SocioEconomic Challenges (SEC) [321]

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2017 A new economic order for global prosperity Louis, R. Article -1117150032 1856069946
2018 A Real Options Approach To Evaluating Agricultural Investments Under Uncertainty: When To Get In And Out Of Sugarcane Production Smith, M. Article -919126664 -1576084828
2019 Advertising In The Environment Of Movies, A Literature Study Horváth, A.; Balázs, G. Article 1189050249 -989464543
2018 Agricultural Trading System and Global Food Crisis Shuquan, He. Article 1016665285 1062114516
2020 Agritourism Development Issues In Rural Places: Evidence From Armenia Tovmasyan, G.; Avetisyan, S.; Galustyan, I.; Tatosyan, K.; Mirijanyan, L.; Rushanyan, A. Article 511837467 -1025416886
2017 Aid and Governance: issues in developing countries Sahqani, G.B. Article -1372840656 -1583463574
2017 An approach to the use of indices-based analysis subject to money laundering and terrorist financing national risk assessment Dmytrov, S.; Medvid, T. Article 804186538 -1572746067
2018 An Econometric Analysis of World GDP Share of India during 1960-2015 Bhowmik D., Article -36063230 292722225
2022 Analyses Of Demographic Changes, Labor Market Trends, And Challenges In Albania Hoxhaj, M.; Muharremi, O.; Nushi, E. Article -342127021 -449672821
2023 Analysing trends and patterns in retrenchment research: a bibliometric approach Coffie, R.B.; Onyinah, P. Article 25 20
2021 Analysis Of Key Indicators Of The Insurance Market Of Western Europe Sidelnyk, N. Article -1257710682 1402881968
2023 An analysis of Satyam case using bankruptcy and fraud detection models Yadav, R.; Patil, A.; Sengupta, R. Article 233 116
2019 Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Implementation of Virtual R&D in Iranian Tile and Ceramic Companies Using Structural Equation Modeling Approach Akhondzadeh, A. Article 812580173 1803536546
2023 An analysis of the financial viability of municipalities in Freestate Province: the case of Mangaung Metro Municipality Sitishe, N.; Ntshangase, B.A.; Kloper, R.; Lubbe, S.; Msosa, S.K. Article 42681 46678
2023 Analysis of the relationship between “business-science” coopetition and intellectual property receipts. Samoilikova, Anastasiia Viktorivna; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych Article 432568302 107564030
2020 Analysis Of The Relevance Of Fiscal Decentralization In Ensuring Country Investment Attractiveness Molotok, I. Article 1888570481 1577447804
2023 Analyzing the potential market for MSMEs in India Chakravarthy, S.; Bharathi, S.; Khire, D.; Gopalakrishnan, B.N. Article 150440411 115100966
2020 An Application Of Stock-Trak In ‘Investments’: What Common Mistakes Do Students Make While Studying Socioeconomic Processes? Kaya, H.D.; Kwok, J.S. Article -1007139733 798570183
2018 Appraisal of the Salam Islamic Mode of Financing Agribusiness and Agriculture among Rural Farmers in Bauchi State of Nigeria Bello, H.S.; Galadima, I.S.; Jibrin, Al-M. A. Article -589500819 2135176684
2022 The Asian entrepreneurship core in COVID-19 period: value chains, specialized education, massive participation of women and strategic accompaniment Castro, F.A.O. Article 4678350 5294222