SocioEconomic Challenges (SEC) [263]

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2017 A new economic order for global prosperity Louis, R. Article 1425751043 -144160391
2018 A Real Options Approach To Evaluating Agricultural Investments Under Uncertainty: When To Get In And Out Of Sugarcane Production Smith, M. Article -618178061 739527428
2019 Advertising In The Environment Of Movies, A Literature Study Horváth, A.; Balázs, G. Article 1286136423 -2009760270
2018 Agricultural Trading System and Global Food Crisis Shuquan, He. Article 1636218153 -1178454935
2020 Agritourism Development Issues In Rural Places: Evidence From Armenia Tovmasyan, G.; Avetisyan, S.; Galustyan, I.; Tatosyan, K.; Mirijanyan, L.; Rushanyan, A. Article -734227914 177340546
2017 Aid and Governance: issues in developing countries Sahqani, G.B. Article 344429932 57678365
2017 An approach to the use of indices-based analysis subject to money laundering and terrorist financing national risk assessment Dmytrov, S.; Medvid, T. Article 1712485610 -1453777437
2018 An Econometric Analysis of World GDP Share of India during 1960-2015 Bhowmik D., Article 1887523161 256300405
2022 Analyses Of Demographic Changes, Labor Market Trends, And Challenges In Albania Hoxhaj, M.; Muharremi, O.; Nushi, E. Article -153463135 -734286884
2021 Analysis Of Key Indicators Of The Insurance Market Of Western Europe Sidelnyk, N. Article -1797287981 328596137
2019 Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Implementation of Virtual R&D in Iranian Tile and Ceramic Companies Using Structural Equation Modeling Approach Akhondzadeh, A. Article -1694712035 -543652940
2020 Analysis Of The Relevance Of Fiscal Decentralization In Ensuring Country Investment Attractiveness Molotok, I. Article 788572776 704272197
2020 An Application Of Stock-Trak In ‘Investments’: What Common Mistakes Do Students Make While Studying Socioeconomic Processes? Kaya, H.D.; Kwok, J.S. Article -694433795 791432857
2018 Appraisal of the Salam Islamic Mode of Financing Agribusiness and Agriculture among Rural Farmers in Bauchi State of Nigeria Bello, H.S.; Galadima, I.S.; Jibrin, Al-M. A. Article -1520474448 -661342428
2022 The Asian entrepreneurship core in COVID-19 period: value chains, specialized education, massive participation of women and strategic accompaniment Castro, F.A.O. Article 11093 5379
2019 Assessing some indicators of tourism sustainability: case study from Armenia Tovmasyan, G. Article 921347386 -405823602
2018 Assessing the Impact on Social Sector: A Macroeconomic Approach Bagmet, K.V.; Haponova, O. Article 277007657 1440180654
2020 Assessing The Level Of Macroeconomic Stability Of EU Countries Zolkover, A.; Renkas, J. Article 252931756 146736550
2022 Assessment of Workplace Discrimination against Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Cooper, A.-A.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article -2071658773 -336154377
2022 Association Between Factors Likely to Have an Influence on Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Jordan Tahat, I. Article 194 33