SocioEconomic Challenges (SEC) [167]

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2017 A new economic order for global prosperity Louis, R. Article 4107 3929
2018 A Real Options Approach To Evaluating Agricultural Investments Under Uncertainty: When To Get In And Out Of Sugarcane Production Smith, M. Article 1042 967
2019 Advertising In The Environment Of Movies, A Literature Study Horváth, A.; Balázs, G. Article 171 147
2018 Agricultural Trading System and Global Food Crisis Shuquan, He. Article 179 149
2020 Agritourism Development Issues In Rural Places: Evidence From Armenia Tovmasyan, G.; Avetisyan, S.; Galustyan, I.; Tatosyan, K.; Mirijanyan, L.; Rushanyan, A. Article 29 19
2017 Aid and Governance: issues in developing countries Sahqani, G.B. Article 2111 1987
2017 An approach to the use of indices-based analysis subject to money laundering and terrorist financing national risk assessment Dmytrov, S.; Medvid, T. Article 2092 2040
2018 An Econometric Analysis of World GDP Share of India during 1960-2015 Bhowmik D., Article 269 239
2019 Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Implementation of Virtual R&D in Iranian Tile and Ceramic Companies Using Structural Equation Modeling Approach Akhondzadeh, A. Article 96 87
2020 Analysis Of The Relevance Of Fiscal Decentralization In Ensuring Country Investment Attractiveness Molotok, I. Article 62 39
2020 An Application Of Stock-Trak In ‘Investments’: What Common Mistakes Do Students Make While Studying Socioeconomic Processes? Kaya, H.D.; Kwok, J.S. Article 61 44
2018 Appraisal of the Salam Islamic Mode of Financing Agribusiness and Agriculture among Rural Farmers in Bauchi State of Nigeria Bello, H.S.; Galadima, I.S.; Jibrin, Al-M. A. Article 511 601
2019 Assessing some indicators of tourism sustainability: case study from Armenia Tovmasyan, G. Article 408 387
2018 Assessing the Impact on Social Sector: A Macroeconomic Approach Bagmet, K.V.; Haponova, O. Article 278 263
2020 Assessing The Level Of Macroeconomic Stability Of EU Countries Zolkover, A.; Renkas, J. Article 45 29
2020 Balance Between Risk And Profit In The Context Of Strategic Management: The Case Of Ukrainian Banks Lopa, Liliana Volodymyrivna; Goncharenko, T. Article 68 57
2020 Bangladesh’s Claim for Reparation from Myanmar due to Rohingya Influx: Options and Challenges Ayub, A.M. Article 90 77
2019 Blockchain Technology Facing Socioeconomic Challenges. Promise versus Probability Lopez, B.; García, D.; Alcaide, A. Article 391 363
2020 Blockchain, AI and IoT to Improve Governance, Financial Management and Control of Crisis: Case Study COVID-19 Lopez, B.S.; Alcaide, A.V. Article 69 61
2018 Brazil And Argentina: Hegemonic Crises, Wasted Decade And Challenges Of Latin American Post-Neoliberalism In The Capitalism Of Knowledge Lopez, J.B.L.; Ramírez, C.M.S Article 201 188