SocioEconomic Challenges (SEC) : [121]

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2019Population Growths and Socio-Economic Development: An Analysis of Mettu Town of EthiopiaSingh, SNArticle3730
2019Measuring the Level of Satisfaction with Respect to the Quality of Services Provided by the Local Tourist Destination in Mashhad, IranSaberifar, R.; Chatterjee, U.; Bhunia, G.S.Article148
2019Understanding the Interconnectedness of Interna-tional Trade Theories: A Case in Point of Cuba in TransitionMujtaba, B.; Pellet, P.F.; Sungkhawan, J.Article3464
2019Trade Liberalization – Labor Productivity Nexus: The Case of Sub Saharan AfricaRakotoarisoa, M.A.; Khorana, S.; Narayanan, B.G.Article3327
2019Re-Assessing The Socioeconomic Effects Of The Boko Haram Conflict In A Qualitative Systematic ReviewAwojobi, O.N.Article2519
2019Mainstream Religious Domain in Nepal a Contradiction and Conflict of In-digenous Communities in Maintaining the Identity, Race, Gender and ClassBhandari, M.P.Article2915
2019Exploring the Link Between Competitive Strategies and Organizational Performance in Beverage Industry. (A case of Nestle PLC)Akpoviroro, K.S.; Amos, A.O.; Olalekan, A.O.Article104113
2019Factors Determining the Success of Small and Medium Enterprises in Tigray region: the Case of selected town Hintalo Wejerat WeredaMeresa, M.; Kidanemariam, HaftuArticle2614
2019Assessing some indicators of tourism sustainability: case study from ArmeniaTovmasyan, G.Article2620
2019Customer Behaviour-Online Travel Industry in IndiaArora, S.Article5445
2019Do Micro-Credits Work As An Effective Anti-Poverty Pro-gram For Poverty Eradication? Evidence From EthiopiaWeldeslassie, H.A.; Vermaak, C.Article2427
2019The Global Economic Crisis And Retailers’ Security Concerns: The TrendsBalas, A.N.; Kaya, H.D.Article2316
2019Decoupling CO2 Emissions in Nordic countries: Panel Data AnalysisBhowmik, D.Article3013
2019Racism In Germany And The Global Consequences For Premium BrandsZwerenz, D.Article1821
2019How To Do India Is An Enigma: A In-Depth Look Into Indian Workers, Consumers And Its Business Culture.Srivastava, R.V.Article1613
2019Newspaper Coverage of Women in Politics: A Content Analysis Of Daily Trust and Punch NewspapersBappayo, A.; Kirfi, Y.H.Article179
2019Influential Aspects of Women Engagement in Entrepreneurial Activities: A Study on Handicrafts Enterprise in BangladeshRahman, Md.M.; Abdullah, Md.Article2421
2019Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth Nexus in the Republic of BeninMarcel, D.T.A.Article2611
2019Shadow Exchange Rates – Changing the Winds with Headwinds and TailwindsYoshimori, M.Article1914
2019Taiwan: Reference Of Good Practices For Latin America In Clean IndustryCastro, Ed.F.A.O.Article248