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Title: Evaluation of business ethics for the formation of public finance
Authors: Vynnychenko, Nataliia Volodymyrivna 
Majewska, U.
Keywords: business ethics
public finance
ethics charity
local finance
ділова етика
державні фінанси
етика благодійності
місцеві фінанси
деловая этика
государственные финансы
этика благотворительности
местные финансы
Issue Year: 2017
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Vynnychenko, N. Evaluation of business ethics for the formation of public finance [Текст] / N. Vynnychenko, U. Majewska // Business Ethics and Leadership. - 2017. - Vol. 1, Issue 1. - P. 40-45.
Abstract: The analysis of modern approaches to defining the essence of basic categories which form an idea of the impact of business ethics on public finances is carried out in the article. The main components of the system of public finance are determined; it is presented as a combination of three elements: public finance, local finance and finance of public organizations of charities and other public entities, funds of which are of public nature and are directed at solving social problems. The aim of the article is the study of existing approaches to determination of basic categories of relationship “business ethics – public finance”, the analysis of the current condition and trends of business ethics impact and the development of the evaluation model of such an impact on public finance. It is determined that the main areas of business ethics impact on public finance is the influence through the tax deduction system and the system of charitable and sponsor contributions. The author’s evaluation model of business ethics impact on public finance is suggested and the basic set of factors that both directly and indirectly carry out such an influence is defined. It was determined that the business ethics impact on public finance should be investigated both from the standpoint of influence and from the perspective of the results received. The analysis of the current state of business ethics impact on public finance shows that the role of ethics as one of the influencing factors is not sufficiently taken into account and requires further research and practical developments.
Type: Article
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