Business Ethics and Leadership (BEL) : [122]

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2019The Role of Coping in Salespeople’s Satisfaction and Its Effect on Salespeople’s EthicsSrivastava, R.V.Article2327
2019Relationship of Corporate Governance and Efficiency of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks in IndiaAgnihotri, A.; Gupta, S.Article4338
2019Balancing Freedom of the Press and Reasonable Restrictions in Bangladesh: An AppraisalHaque, E.Article3028
2019Theoretical /Historical Account of Public Opinion Survey and Its ImportanceBhandari, M.P.Article2212
2019Factors Affecting Productivity of Managers: An Empirical-based Comparative StudyRajan, D.Article3033
2019Analysis of the Determinants of Social Capital in OrganizationsMercado, M.P.S.R.; Vargas-Hernández, J.G.Article2112
2019Humanistic – Behavioral – Cultural Competitive Advantage of the Enterprises – Concept ModelsLesniewski, M.A.Article1912
2019Social Preferences, Goal Orientation and Team PerformanceAlsua, C.J.; Palacios-Fenech, J.; Ramirez, J.Article2926
2019Leadership and Management Philosophy of “Guzaara” or Cooperating to “Get Along” in South Asia’s AfghanistanMujtaba, B.G.Article2824
2019The Paradigm of OS and OCB: The Influence of Person-environment Fit in Pakistani Banking FirmsMushtaq, I.; Muneeb, A.; Farooq, R.; Ma, J.Article4229
2019Gender Inequality Issues in the Workplace: Case Study of ArmeniaTovmasyan, G.; Minasyan, D.Article4170
2019The Public Good of Internet Usage and its Social Impact: A Business Ethics ApproachBardy, R.; Rubens, A.Article2233
2019Current Mining Taxation Policy Implemented by both Mongolia and Kazakhstan: The Development Comparatives between Ulaanbaatar and Astana.Miller, A.D.Article1937
2019A Review of the Linkages between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in the Military ForcesAguilar, S.; George, B.Article3285
2019The Impact of Income Inequality on the Economic Growth of Iran: An Empirical AnalysisJafarzadeh, E.; Shuquan, HeArticle239
2019The Lobbying in Post-communist Time: Bulgarian CaseStavrova, E.Article209
2019Business Inefficiencies and Youth Unemployment in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Mettu TownSingh, S.N.Article2985
2019Deterministic Modeling for Evaluating Consumers’ Attitude towards Telecommunication Service in BangladeshNeger, M.; Bhuiyan, Md.Z.H.; Chowdhury, Md.H.K.; Hossain, A.Article3020
2019Influence of Leadership Style and Ethical Climate of Attitude to Work of Police Officers: Evidence from Osun State Police Headquarter, NigeriaPopoola, M.A.; Samaila, M.; Lawal Kamaldeen, A.A.Article2616
2019Graduate Learners’ Perspectives of Developing ‘Speaking’ Skill in the Classrooms of Non-native English SpeakersKhan, M.E.I.; HasnahanaArticle3242