Business Ethics and Leadership (BEL) [308]

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2018 A Conceptual Study of HRM Practices and Market Orientation on Lecturer’s Retention: A Case Study of Malaysian Universities Qureshi, Z.H.; Al Halbusi, H.; Pitafi, S.; Tehseen, S. Article -127596356 554588113
2019 A Grace-Based Leadership Approach to Managing Gen A in the Digital Age Yu, S.O. Article -730068889 223551521
2018 A Humanistic Model for the Higher Education Excellence: Embedding Confucianism and Islamic Principles Ong, Y.S. Article -1352334953 -1790618389
2018 A Review of the Factors behind Academic Integrity Violations: Comparing the United States and Ukraine Kennet, A.; Shkodkina, Yuliia Mykhailivna Article -1984707526 -305626052
2019 A Review of the Linkages between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in the Military Forces Aguilar, S.; George, B. Article -1140378971 1362675497
2018 A Study of Organizational Justice on the Trust in Organization under the Mediating Role of Ethical Leadership Al Halbusi, H.; Tehseen, S.; Hamid, F.A.H.; Afthanorhan, A. Article 862490893 -1711120250
2018 A Study on Female Entrepreneurs in Malaysia Hossain, J.; Jahangir, N.; Nur-Al-Ahad, Md. Article -685762396 1805844806
2017 Academic integrity in Ukrainian higher education: values, skills, actions Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Liuta, Olha Vasylivna Article 1226161371 2098558680
2017 Academic integrity: global context and national needs Finikov, T. Article -135990870 187803619
2022 Academic Publishing: Research Leadership in the Context of Digitalization and Globalization of the Business Environment Stavrova, E. Article 8259309 8222614
2023 Addressing Program Sustainability: A Time Series Analysis of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in the US Ray, A. Article 1393 612
2021 Albanian Individual Taxpayers Perceptions and Determinants on Ethical Behavior Regarding Tax Compliance Salé, MJ.; Muharremi, O.; Hoxhaj, M. Article -124227654 -1879826591
2018 An Analysis of the Relationship between Regulatory Control and Corruption based on Product and Market Regulation and Corruption Perceptions Indices Mujtaba, B.G.; McClelland, B.; Williamson, P.; Khanfar, N.; Cavico, F.J. Article 1437714185 1304518963
2018 An Assessment of the Effects of Boko-Haram Insurgency on Business Development in North-Eastern States of Nigeria Bello, H.; Galadima, I.; Aliyu, B. Article -2058005374 1444100063
2017 An inquiry on social issues – Part 1 Dave, H. Article 400167282 -1767819184
2017 An Inquiry on Social Issues − Part 2 Dave, H. Article -1901898632 1186587033
2020 Analysis of Factors Influencing Adoption of Human Resource Practices by Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria Rabiu, R.O.; Olanipekun, W.D.; Bamidele, A.G.; Awe, O.I. Article 899416307 -2057634630
2019 Analysis of the Determinants of Social Capital in Organizations Mercado, M.P.S.R.; Vargas-Hernández, J.G. Article 1430551003 -1319970290
2018 Analyzing the Employee Satisfaction and Demand vs Fulfillment of the Food and Beverage Sector in Bangladesh Ahmad, J. Article 420972255 -1052892
2018 Application of Restorative Justice Theory in Aboriginal Criminal Justice Process in Canada: An Analysis Ferdous, S.; Khan, R.; Dulal, B. Article 1179683028 2145903010