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Title Formation of complex model of analytical support of deposit bank management
Authors Diakonova, Iryna Ivanivna  
Guley, A.
Sheliuk, Asiiat Ashurbiekivna
Keywords banking system
банківська система
банковская система
банківська справа
банковское дело
banking management
банківський менеджмент
банковское управление
deposit bank management
управління депозитними банками
управление депозитным банком
complex model
складна модель
сложная модель
analytical support
аналітична підтримка
аналитическая поддержка
SWOT analysis
SWOT аналіз
SWOT анализ
deposit policy
політика депозиту
политика депозитов
Type Article
Date of Issue 2017
Publisher Sumy State University
Citation D’yakonova, I., Guley, A., Sheliuk, A. (2017). Formation of complex model of analytical support of deposit bank management. Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks, 1(1), 54-60.
Abstract The effectiveness of the deposit bank management, as individual decision making in the management process involving the deposit resources islargely determined by the efficiency, completeness, timeliness and adequacy of methods and analysis techniques used in its implementation. Perfection analysis, in turn, depends on the existing methodological framework, information analysis. It does not require evidence of the fact that the development of any economic system can not be effective and successful without a detailed analysis of the achieved level, determining the future prospects and goals and finding appropriate ways to achieve this goal, and the realization of each of these challenges requires an appropriate analytical support. Implementation of all functions of the deposit bank management should include: analysis of macro functioning of the bank using SLEPT, STEP and PEST analysis; comprehensive analysis of the external and internal environments using bank SNW, SPASE and SWOT analysis; using micro-bank financial, statistical, mathematical economic analysis and should be accompanied by a risk analysis via expert methods, GAP-analysis, duration analysis, VAR-analysis, stress testing and back.
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