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Title Description and applications of binomial numeral systems
Authors Borysenko, Oleksii Andriiovych  
Kalashnikov, Viacheslav Vitaliiovych
Kalashnikova, Nataliia Ivanivna
Gutenko, D.V.
Keywords генеровані позиційні системи числення
генерируемые позиционные системы счисления
generatifed positional numeral systems
біноміальні системи числення
биномиальные системы счисления
binomial numeral systems
рівномірні коди
равномерные коды
constant weight codes
Type Article
Date of Issue 2014
Publisher ICIC International
Citation Description and Applications of Binomial Numeral Systems / A.A. Borisenko, V.V. Kalashnikov, N.I. Kalashnykova, D.V. Gutenko // International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control. - 2014. - Vol. 10, No. 1, P. 57-66.
Abstract We develop a new class of positional numeral systems, namely the binomial ones, which form a subclass of generalized positional numeral systems (GPNS). The binomial systems have wide range of applications in the information transmission, processing, and storage due to their error-detection capabilities. In this paper, the binomial numeral systems are well-defined, their prefix and compactness properties are established. Algorithms of generating binomial coding words (non-uniform and uniform) are presented, as well as an enhanced procedure of construction of constant weight Boolean combinations based upon the non-uniform binomial coding words. The correctness of this procedure is established.
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