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Title: Public-Private Partnership in the Implementation of National Environmental Projects
Authors: Spremberg, E.
Tykhenko, Volodymyr Serhiiovych
Lopa, L.
Keywords: public-private partnership
державно-приватне партнерство
государственно-частное партнерство
national environmental projects
національні екологічні проекти
национальные экологические проекты
agreement on the division of products
угода про розподіл продукції
соглашение о разделе продукции
shale gas
сланцевий газ
сланцевый газ
Issue Year: 2017
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Spremberg, E. Public-Private Partnership in the Implementation of National Environmental Projects [Текст] / E. Spremberg, V. Tykhenko, L. Lopa // SocioEconomic Challenges. – 2017. – Vol. 1, Issue 4. – P. 73-81. - DOI: 10.21272sec.1(4).73-81.2017.
Abstract: Increasing the risks of climate change, natural and man-made disasters, as well as the manifestation of their negative environmental and economic consequences at the national and supranational levels, envisages the introduction of the concept of sustainable development and the United Nations Millen-nium Development Goals. The implementation of large-scale environmental projects in the form of joint implementation projects, public-private partnerships, distribution agreements, etc. is possible only if an effective system of managing these projects is formed at the national and supranational levels. The object of the study is a public-private partnership. The subject of the study is the increase of the effectiveness of national environmental projects implementation.
Type: Article
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