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Title: Master Equation for a Localized Particle Driven by Poisson White Noise
Authors: Denysov, Stanislav Ivanovych 
Bohopolskyi, V.M.
Shypilov, N.E.
Keywords: наносистеми
стохастичне рівняння
стохастическое уравнение
stochastic equation
Issue Year: 2018
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Bohopolskyi, V.M. Master Equation for a Localized Particle Driven by Poisson White Noise [Текст] / V.M. Bohopolskyi, N.E. Shypilov, S.I. Denisov // Фізика, електроніка, електротехніка: матеріали та програма науково-технічної конференції, м. Суми, 5-9 лютого 2018 р. / Відп. за вип. С.І. Проценко. – Суми: СумДУ, 2018. – С. 27.
Abstract: Fluctuations in nanosystems play an important role in forming their electric, magnetic, thermal and other properties. Usually, due to the central limit theorem of probability theory, these fluctuations obey Gaussian statistics. However, in some cases, e.g., when the system is subjected to Poisson white noise, that is a random sequence of 𝛿-pulses, the system fluctuations are not Gaussian. Here, we derive the corresponding equation for the probability density function 𝑃(𝑥, 𝑡) of the system parameter 𝑥(𝑡) interpreted as a particle coordinate within an impenetrable box.
Type: Theses
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