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2019The Paradigm of OS and OCB: The Influence of Person-environment Fit in Pakistani Banking FirmsMushtaq, I.; Muneeb, A.; Farooq, R.; Ma, J.Article2818
2019Pragmastylistic and translation peculiarities of taglines to English moviesBaranova, Svitlana Volodymyrivna; Blyzniuk, А.Article2112
2019Стів Джобс як метасимволічна сильна мовна особистістьБережна, М.В.Article196
2019Study of a Welding Pool Harmonic Oscillations Influence on the Welded Metal Hardness and Weld Bead WidthLebedev, V.A.; Solomiichuk, T.G.; Novykov, S.V.Article1011
2019Переходы, индуцированные взаимно коррелированными гауссовскими белыми шумами: метод эффективного потенциалаVitrenko, Andrii MykolaiovychArticle118
2019Investigation of Optical and Pyroelectric Properties of Lithium Niobate Single Crystals Caused by Metal Ions DiffusionYakhnevych, U.V.; Suchaneck, G.; Eydam, A.; Sugak, D.Yu.; Syvorotka, I.І.; Haiduchok, V.G.; Buryy, O.A.; Ubizskii, S.B.; Gerlach, G.Article206
2019CdZnO Coated Thin Films: Application for Energy Conversion DevicesZargar, R.A.; Shah, A.H.; Reshi, H.A.; Arora, M.; Mir, F.A.Article104
2019Systematic Investigations on the Effect of Divalent Metal Ions (Mg2+ and Zn2+) Substitution on Nanocrystalline Manganese FerritesVasuki, G.; Balu, T.Article129
2019Assessment of the Value Loss Risk in Response to the Enterprise’s Innovative TransformationsHrytsenko, Larysa Leonidivna; Boiarko, I.; Ryabenkov, O.; Didenko, O.Article126
2019Implications of Effective Conflict Management on Organizational Performance: Case Study of Nigerian Bottling Company PLCAdewole, Adeyinka Joseph; Ogunyemi, Kayode Joseph; Otapo, Toyin W.Article2511
2019Management of Innovations in Georgian Higher Educational Institutions: Key Problems with Teaching Economic ScienceLekashvili, E.Article155
2019Innovation Methods and Models of Personnel Security Management: Opportunities and Imperatives of Use at Ukrainian EnterprisesZatonatskiy, D.Article1811
2019Formation of Competitive Advantages of the Enterprise Based on Adaptive ManagementFarhshatova, O.; Zaharov, S.; Vereskun, M.; Kolosok, V.Article154
2019Evolution of Customer Segmentation in the Era of Big DataVerdenhofs, A.; Tambovceva, T.Article2157
2019Innovative Approaches to Evaluation of Concentration of the Banking System as a Basis of Improving the State Crisis ManagementVasiljeva, T.; Stadnyk, A.Article1413
2019Understanding the Interconnectedness of Interna-tional Trade Theories: A Case in Point of Cuba in TransitionMujtaba, B.; Pellet, P.F.; Sungkhawan, J.Article2140
2019Behavioral Biases Influencing the Decision Making of Portfolio Managers of Capital Securities and Traders in MoroccoHadbaa, H.; Boutti, R.Article5976
2019Trade Liberalization – Labor Productivity Nexus: The Case of Sub Saharan AfricaRakotoarisoa, M.A.; Khorana, S.; Narayanan, B.G.Article1522
2019Re-Assessing The Socioeconomic Effects Of The Boko Haram Conflict In A Qualitative Systematic ReviewAwojobi, O.N.Article1114
2019Судовий прецедент як джерело права в романо-германській правовій сім’їЖерьобкіна, Є.А.Article146