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Title: Social Preferences, Goal Orientation and Team Performance
Authors: Alsua, C.J.
Palacios-Fenech, J.
Ramirez, J.
Keywords: орієнтація на соціальні цінності
социально-ценностная ориентация
social value orientation
орієнтація цілі
goal orientation
ефективність команди
производительность команды
team performance
Issue Year: 2019
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Alsua, C.J. Social Preferences, Goal Orientation and Team Performance [Текст] / C.J. Alsua, J. Palacios-Fenech, J. Ramirez // Business Ethics and Leadership. - 2019. - Vol.3, Issue 1. - P. 6-17. - DOI:
Abstract: Previous research on Goal Orientation (GO) and Social Value Orientation (SVO) examined and found relationships between performance and each construct. This study is built on GO and SVO literature and proposes that there is a relationship between the tendency to adopt learning or performance goals and social value orientations and that both constructs jointly influence team performance. Two sets of participants were asked to answer scales about GO, SVO, and Team Performance. Structural equation models tested the hypotheses.
Type: Article
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