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Title A Comprehensive Analysis of European Banking Soundness – Theoretical Study
Authors Naser, N.
Keywords рентабельність банку
рентабельность банка
Bank profitability
стабільність банків
надежность банков
Soundness of banks
Базель III
Базель III
Basel III
Type Article
Date of Issue 2019
Publisher Sumy State University
Citation Naser, N. A Comprehensive Analysis of European Banking Soundness – Theoretical Study [Текст] / N. Naser // Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks. – 2019. – Vol. 3, Issue 2. – P. 17-43. – DOI:
Abstract This research offers a comprehensive examination of bank soundness using qualitative and quantitative analyses, such as Moody’s rating systems, CAMELS or CAMEL, Z-Score, prof-itability and others relying on available empirical studies, rating outlooks and reports. An ex-tensive assessment of collected data resulted in detailed analysis of quantitative methodolo-gies as well as the examination of the effectiveness of selected macroeconomic determinants to avoid the financial instability.
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