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Title Seo analysis of the online banking area in Ukraine
Authors Kostornova, S.
Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna  
Otroshchenko, Larysa Stepanivna  
Keywords online banking
financial area
фінансова сфера
финансовая сфера
Type Conference Papers
Date of Issue 2019
Publisher Sumy State University
Citation Kostornova, S. Seo analysis of the online banking area in Ukraine [Текст] / S. Kostornova, T.V. Pimonenko, L.S. Otroshchenko // Проблеми та перспективи розвитку фінансово-кредитної системи України збірник матеріалів ІV Всеукраїнської науково-практичної on-line-конференції: у 2 ч. (м. Суми, 21–22 листопада 2019 року) / Навчально-науковий інститут бізнес-технологій «УАБС» Сумського державного університету. – Суми: Сумський державний університет, 2019. – Ч.1. – С. 111-114.
Abstract Obviously, we live, work and develop ourselves in the time of digital era. With each year our possibilities in that direction expand and innovations in various areas make our lives more comfortable. One of the biggest impact that digitalization has made on our way of life includes changes in financial area. Technology is rapidly transforming the way the financial sector is operating. New digital technologies have given the platform to new services, which have already proved their efficiency. Mobile banking, online banking, cashless payments etc. became an everyday reality and we can pay with our cards, phones, and watches or with any other devices we choose.
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