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Title Leadership in medicine
Authors Козаченко, Юлія Сергіївна
Козаченко, Юлия Сергеевна
Kozachenko, Yuliia Serhiivna
Keywords лідерство
медичні працівники
медицинские работники
medical workers
Type Conference Papers
Date of Issue 2020
Publisher Sumy State University
Citation Kozachenko, Y.S. Leadership in medicine [Текст] / Y.S. Kozachenko // To Make the World Smarter and Safer: матеріали XIV всеукраїнської науково-практичної конференції студентів, аспірантів та викладачів Лінгвістичного навчально-методичного центру кафедри іноземних мов СумДУ (26 березня 2020 р.) / за заг. ред. Г.І. Литвиненко. – Суми: СумДУ, 2020. – С. 98-99.
Abstract Leadership is one of the important forms of personal development. Today's changes are leading to continuous improvement of educational services. Students are a special population group that can be judged by society as a whole. Youth is a reflection of all the processes that take place in the country, how society cares for development and what it does, and the corresponding result can be obtained. Youth development is influenced by: family, upbringing, school (or other educational institutions), environment, environment, economic and social status of society. Negative changes in society also leave their mark on student youth. However, much depends on the individual. For example, people's perception of problems is completely different. For some, solving them can lead to frustration and frustration, while others make them stronger and more motivated. In today's context, we believe that the issue of leadership plays an important role in the formation of personality. It should be noted that humanity is evolving and new challenges are emerging to address the needs of society for young people who are ready to improve, to work on new technologies and inventions. Of course, there is a special emphasis in every developed country on the training of a health professional.
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