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Title Public Governance efficiency and macroeconomic stability: examining convergence of social and political determinants
Authors Bilan, Yurii Valentynovych  
Райшене, Агота Гедре
Райшене, Агота Гедре
Raišienė, Agota Giedrė
Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna
Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych  
Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna  
Keywords ефективність державного управління
эффективность государственного управления
public governance efficiency
макроекономічна стабільність
макроэкономическая стабильность
macroeconomic stability
змішана гауссовская модель
смешанная гауссовская модель
Gaussian mixture model
метод Фішберна
метод Фишберна
Fishburne’s method
Type Article
Date of Issue 2019
Publisher Sage Publications
License Copyright not evaluated
Citation Bilan, Y. Public Governance efficiency and macroeconomic stability: examining convergence of social and political determinants [Текст] / Y. Bilan, A.G. Raišienė, T. Vasilyeva, O. Lyulyov, T. Pimonenko // Public Policy and Administration. - 2019. - № 18(2). - P. 241-255. - DOI:10.13165/VPA-19-18-2-05.
Abstract The purpose of this article is to propose the integrated index of Public Governance efficiency based on the Fishburne’s method, considering the impact’s power and direction of the different sub-indexes (Worldwide Government Indicators) on macroeconomic stability and eliminating the issue of multicollinearity. The object of the study was 11 European countries that had two common features: 1) in the political sphere, during 1990–1992 the countries started the political transformation process by refusing the monopoly of the communistic regime; 2) in the economic sphere, the countries experienced transformation from planned to market economy. Based on these criteria, the following countries were selected: Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Armenia, Belorussia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. The research findings proved a connection between the political and social determinants and the macroeconomic stability for the all the countries. Moreover, the research results confirmed the existence of a cycle of social and political conflict, which depends on inter-relation of Public Governance and the society, where the efficiency of Public Governance cannot be achieved without the support from the society, and the society cannot cooperate with non-effective Public Governance.
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