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Title Business analytics in international economic relations
Authors Kotenko, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych  
Keywords бізнес-аналітика
business analysis
міжнародні економічні відносини
международные экономические отношения
International Economic Relations
міжнародний бізнес
международный бизнес
international business
Type Learning Object
Date of Issue 2021
Publisher Сумський державний університет
License Copyright not evaluated
Citation Kotenko O. О. Business analytics in international economic relations : lecture notes. Sumy : Sumy State University. 2021. 110 p.
Abstract Financial and economic activities of modern business are impossible without clear planning, analysis of current activities, assessment of the market situation, forecasting. Today it is extremely hard to imagine an enterprise in which there is permanent work on the accumulation, systematization, processing, storage of various data, which is necessary for the organization of the entrepreneurial activity, as well as ensuring its financial success. The problem of building effective work on data processing is complicated while entering international markets, when the quantitative and qualitative assessment of numerous factors influencing the company's activities is a key aspect of its success or failure, if such work is carried out unprofessionally. However, bearing in mind the International Economic Relations, the authors tried to focus not only on aspects of business analytics, useful only for doing business, but also on various types of relations (economic, social, cultural, scientific) that arise between countries as well as the residents ana non-residents. Nevertheless, during preparing the material for this study guide, we also focused on certain technical aspects and software products that are currently used to perform analytical tasks. In our opinion, this will not only expand the potential of future professionals in the aspects of business analytics, but also increase the level of their computer literacy and the culture of using computers, information, databases. Among other advantages, the “Business analytics in international economic relations” study guide has the next one – it is adapted to the training of those students who are not native English speakers. This work is a systematization of the knowledge within the “Business analytics” subject field, is adaptation to the educational process for students, studied at English-speaking program of specialty 292 “International Economic Relations”, as well as a brief guide to understand the fundamental aspects of business analytics. The author also advises students to contact other sources, links to which will be given below. Let this study guide will become a reliable guide for students in the fascinating, extremely important and relevant world of international financial relations.
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