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Title Ukrainian Platforms For Learning The Ukrainian Language: Tips And Prospects For Foreigners
Authors Zaitseva, Stanislava Stanislavivna  
Ojo Olajide, Joshua
Keywords українська мова як іноземна
украинский язык как иностранный
ukrainian as a foreign language
платформи для вивчення мови
платформы для изучения языка
language learning platforms
інтеграція іноземних студентів
интеграция иностранных студентов
integration of foreign students
Type Conference Papers
Date of Issue 2022
Publisher Sumy State University
License Copyright not evaluated
Citation Ojo Olajide Joshua, Zaitseva S. S. Ukrainian Platforms For Learning The Ukrainian Language: Tips And Prospects For Foreigners // Перший крок у науку : матеріали ХІІІ студентської конференції, м. Суми, 9-13 травня 2022 р. Суми : Сумський державний університет, 2022. С. 399.
Abstract The main purpose of this study is to determine the importance of studying the Ukrainian language by foreign students. One of the necessary conditions for the successful integration of foreign students into Ukrainian society is an understanding of cultural values, beliefs, views, patterns of its development, and thus – the culture of the Ukrainian people. There can be no culture without language, because language is the greatest asset of every nation. In classes on the subject "Ukrainian as a foreign language", foreign students learn about Ukrainian culture through the difference of languages, that is, they adapt through the study of the Ukrainian language, and thus the entire Ukrainian culture.
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