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Title Verbal Representations of Motivational Attitudes of Education Managers in the Post-modern Ukrainian Society
Authors Shaumian, O.
Ternavska, T.
Viktorova, L.
Yarova, Alla Hryhorivna
Obukh, L.
Serhiieva, A.
Keywords Education managers
power of motivation
hope of success
fear of failure
pure hope of success
Type Article
Date of Issue 2022
Publisher LUMEN Publishing
License Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivatives 4.0 International
Citation Shaumian, O., Ternavska, T., Viktorova, L., Yarova, A., Obukh, L., & Serhiieva, A. (2022). Verbal Representations of Motivational Attitudes of Education Managers in the Post-Information Society. Postmodern Openings, 13(2), 51-76.
Abstract The article attempts to provide a practical analysis of the psychological basis for the incentives of personality motivation in education managers. In particular, it highlights the results of an empirical study of motivational techniques for normative and value attitudes of education managers in terms of management. It justifies the opinion that leaders of the organizations with strong cooperation between staff and administration and united by a common desire for success, are dominated by the category “hope for success”. And the leaders of such organizations where subordinates are in constant fear of dismissal and under sharp criticism regardless of their work quality, are dominated by the “fear of failure”. It emphasizes the idea that education managers should try to develop “hope for success”. This applies to both men and women, regardless of their work experience. It points out the need to practice methods of overcoming “blame and criticism caused by failure to succeed”. This is especially true for women with over 5 years work experience. It is also worth creating a sense of work efficiency with a positive hope (especially for men with work experience of up to 5 years and more than 5 years work experience) and to overcome manifestations of immorality and injustice to subordinates. Considerable attention in scientific research is paid to the importance of the spiritual component in the personality of modern managers, which requires further study.
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