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Title Automation of optimization synthesis for modular technological equipment
Authors Zaleta, O.M.
Povstyanoy, O.Yu.
Ribeiro, L.F.
Redko, R.G.
Bozhko, T.Ye.
Chetverzhuk, T.I.
Keywords equipment structure
optimization problem
Type Article
Date of Issue 2023
Publisher Sumy State University
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Citation Zaleta O. M., Povstyanoy O. Yu., Ribeiro L. F., Redko R. G., Bozhko T. Ye., Chetverzhuk T. I. (2023). Automation of optimization synthesis for modular technological equipment. Journal of Engineering Sciences, Vol. 10(1), pp. A6-A14, doi: 10.21272/jes.2023.10(1).a2
Abstract Technological equipment design based on functionally modular methods is widely used in various technical fields. The designed object can be a technological machine, a production line, or a manufacturing complex. Special attention is paid to the optimization of its structure. The sequence of performing all stages of the optimization synthesis problem is presented in the article. To find a solution to this task, the developer should apply the complete or directed search of acceptable structure options and determine the best one using some optimization criteria to evaluate their quality. It can be simple enough if the designed technical system structure consists of no more than several elements. For example, if the number of alternative elements options is several dozen, it takes much time to accomplish the search correctly. Thus, the greater the number of components considered, the more difficult it is to do all the necessary calculations manually. In this case, machine resources should be involved. This scientific work aims to identify procedures of optimization synthesis that can be automated. Also, appropriate software has to be developed. Our computer program is based on the algorithm of a complete search of all options of the technical system structure. It can process an extensive array of input data and produce all possible and logically permissible results in the form the designer can analyze using the Pareto method to choose the best one. This software can be used for any technical system with a modular structure.
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