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Title The peculiarities of the people’s behavior since early adulthood due to the social restrictions’ conditions
Authors Malovana, Nina Volodymyrivna  
Sakhno, Paraskoviia Ivanivna
Skoropys, Y.
Keywords поведінка людей
соціальні обмеження
поведение людей
социальные ограничения
people's behavior
coping strategy
social restrictions
Type Conference Papers
Date of Issue 2023
Publisher Sumy State University
License Copyright not evaluated
Citation Maliovana N. V., Sahno P. I., Skoropys Y. The peculiarities of the people’s behavior since early adulthood due to the social restrictions’ conditions // Соціально-гуманітарні аспекти розвитку сучасного суспільства : матеріали X Всеукраїнської наукової конференції студентів, аспірантів, викладачів та співробітників, Суми, 27–28 квітня 2023 року / уклад. М. М. Набок. Суми : Сумський державний університет, 2023. С. 315-320.
Abstract Everyone faces difficulties on his/her life path. The life of a modern person is full of complex situations related to the choice of an adequate way to solve various life difficulties, psychological problems and conflicts with others, as well as with the settlement of possible crises, restrictions in society during quarantine, martial condition. However, the question of whether there is a connection between age-related changes and the growth of effectiveness and maturity of coping-strategies remains open. At the moment in science, according to T. L. Kriukova, there are two distinct points of view on this issue [4]. Some authors (K. Jung, E. Erikson, etc.) adhere to the position according to which coping develops with age, just like personality, reaching its peak by the period of maturity [6, 9]. Nowadays, the study of mechanisms or strategies, which help cope with them, has become more relevant than ever due to the fact that the whole world is under quarantine restrictions and martial condition in Ukraine. New conditions require new solutions. These restrictions significantly affect the psychological state and disrupt the mental balance of the population. Timely psychological help is urgently needed in this special period. Today, the research how these events psychologically affect our human life in the present and will affect them in the future is ongoing. The study of this issue has not only of theoretical, but also of practical interest, because solving difficulties and applying productive coping-strategies is currently an important issue in all areas of human life. It determined the choice of the topic of scientific intelligence. The aim of the study: to determine the characteristics of the behavior of persons of early adulthood in the conditions of social restrictions.
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