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Title: Fabrication Of ZnxCd1 – xSe Nanowires By CVD Process And Photoluminescence Studies
Authors: Vijayalakshmi, R.P.
Murali, G.
Amaranatha Reddy, D.
Venugopal, R.
Keywords: photoluminescence
semicon-ductor nanowires
II-VI nanowires
Issue Year: 2011
Publisher: Sumy State University Publishing
Citation: R.P. Vijayalakshmi, G. Murali, D. Amaranatha Reddy, R. Venugopal, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 3 No1, 140 (2011)
Abstract: ZnxCd1 – xSe alloy nanowires with composition x = 0.2, 0.5 have been successfully synthesized by a simple thermal evaporation on the silicon substrate coated with a gold film of 20 Å thickness. The as-synthesized alloy nanowires, 70 - 150 nm in diameter and several tens of micrometer in length. The nanowires are single crystalline revealed from Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and XRD measurement. The structure of ZnxCd1 – xSe nanowires are hexagonal wurtzite with [01-10] growth direction. Energy gap of the ZnxCd1 – xSe nanowires are determined from micro photoluminescence measurements. The energy gap increases with increasing Zn concentration. When you are citing the document, use the following link
Type: Article
Appears in Collections:Журнал нано- та електронної фізики (Journal of nano- and electronic physics)

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