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2014 Cпецифіка словотвірної комбінаторики основи слова Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna Article 390276480 960013646
2024 Differences between anglicisms and internationalisms Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Kalchenko, A. Conference Papers 12 1
2017 Emotive Means in Blurbs and Summaries Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Strilko, A.L. Article 616523604 649229788
2023 English phraseological units as representatives of national and cultural specificity Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Vnuchkova, V. Article 11642 12090
2016 Expressiveness of Blurbs: Syntactic Level Kobiakova, Iryna Karpivna; Kobуakova, Iryna Karpivna; Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna Article -1666845621 -1948433056
2015 Expressiveness of Blurbs: Syntactic Level Kobiakova, Iryna Karpivna; Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna Conference Papers 519268684 -878604177
2023 Gender asymmetry in modern mass media English Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna Article 66139 37053
2017 Gender Marked Words in Advertising Texts: The Equivalence of Translation Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Shevchenko, S.V. Article 1023530852 771236297
2020 Idioethnic Features of Multimodal Advertising Texts: a Case Study of Coffee Commercials Ushchapovska, Iryna Vasylivna; Movchan, Diana Vasylivna; Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna Article -436538883 24758420
2015 Lexicology in theory, practice and tests Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna Schoolbook -1976965467 -544665672
2020 Lexicology of the English Language Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna Learning Object -1618848586 -822000367
2022 Linguistic Means of Creating Objectivity Effects in News Articles about the Coronavirus Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Ivashchenko, V. Article 118544022 85224417
2014 Manipulation strategy and tactics of blurbs Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna Article 1314944535 -262485858
2019 Peculiarities and Difficulties in Translation of Compatative Advertising of Fast Food Restaurants Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Artiukh, V.V. Article -1519233805 -1516574783
2018 Strategy of Argument Impact in American Political Advertisement Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Syzonenko, M.I. Article -947297887 -775553003
2018 The realization of the language game on the lexical-semantic level in advertising english slogans Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Voronko, A.V. Article -1052080285 -1165960037
2007 Адресованість в офіційному та неофіційному дискурсі Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Красільна, О. Conference Papers 503314533 -1171062159
2010 Аксиологічна прагмасемантика англомовного рекламного тексту Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Черток, М. Conference Papers 269887918 473374538
2010 Англомовна реклама у віртуальному просторі Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Виноградська, Ю.О. Conference Papers 463633218 -1753016717
2015 Анотація vs текст-відгук Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna; Стрілко, А.Л. Article 372421702 655688119