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2016 Formation of the Electric Field Distribution in Thin Electro-Optic Layers for Precision Correction their Optical Characteristics Zhukov, R.N.; Ksenich, S.V.; Kubasov, I.V.; Temirov, A.A.; Timushkin, N.G.; Kiselev, D.A.; Bykov, A.S.; Malinkovich, M.D.; Parkhomenko, Yu.N. Article 878846 879936
2018 Formation of the Microcrystalline Structure in LiNbO3 Thin Films by Pulsed Light Annealing Zhukov, R.N.; Ilina, T.S.; Skryleva, E.A.; Senatulin, B.R.; Kubasov, I.V.; Kiselev, D.A.; Suchaneck, G.; Malinkovich, M.D.; Parkhomenko, Yu.N.; Savchenko, A.G. Article 121764761 43443220
2014 Lanthanum-Gallium Tantalate Crystals and their Electrophysical Characterization Kozlova, A.P.; Anfimov, N.S.; Kiselev, D.A.; Kozlova, I.M; Bykov, A.S. Article 1603967037 1194495489
2019 Modelling of Vibration Sensor Based on Bimorph Structure Malinkovich, M.D.; Kubasov, I.V.; Kislyuk, A.M.; Turutin, A.V.; Bykov, A.S.; Kiselev, D.A.; Temirov, A.A.; Zhukov, R.N.; Sobolev, N.A.; Teixeira, B.M.S.; Parkhomenko, Yu.N. Article 1600972 829891
2013 Piezoelectric Characteristics of LiNbO3 Thin-film Heterostructures via Piezoresponse Force Microscopy Kiselev, D.A.; Ksenich, S.V.; Zhukov, R.N.; Bykov, A.S.; Malinkovich, M.D.; Shvartsman, V.V.; Lupascu, D.C.; Parkhomenko, Yu.N. Article 534202 92114
2016 Synthesis and Nanoscale Characterization of LiNbO3 Thin Films Deposited on Al2O3 Substrate by RF Magnetron Sputtering under Electric Field Zhukov, R.N.; Kiselev, D.A.; Shcherbachev, K.D.; Voronova, M.I.; Ksenich, S.V.; Kubasov, I.V; Temirov, A.A.; Timushkin, N.G.; Chichkov, M.V.; Bykov, A.S.; Malinkovich, M.D.; Parkhomenko, Yu.N. Article 5191330 4222776
2016 Thickness-dependent Electrical and Piezoelectric Properties of Lead-Free Ferroelectric Ba[0.8]Sr[0.2]TiO[3] Thin Films Kiselev, D.A.; Levashov, S.A.; Afanasieva, M.S.; Kiselev, A.M.; Chucheva, G.V. Article 4616340 4550838