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2021 Aspects of national investment policy and sustainable development goals in Ukraine Mayboroda, Tetyana; Chumakova, D. Conference Papers 13008 20209
2020 Assessment of demand for public goods in the non-market services sector Mayboroda, Tetyana; Petrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych; Онопрієнко, К.; Оноприенко, Е.; Onopriyenko, K. Article 35489286 16372403
2021 Corporate social responsibility in Ukraine: current stage and carlsberg`s case study overview Mayboroda, Tetyana; Kursenko, A. Conference Papers 61040 31942
2018 Current state of governmental strategic management of lifelong education system development Mayboroda, Tetyana; Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna Conference Papers 15276 14208
2021 Ethical leadership and business communications Mayboroda, Tetyana; Chumakova, D. Conference Papers 3645 9901
2018 European trends of the intercultural education policy Mayboroda, Tetyana; Котенко, С.І.; Котенко, С.И.; Kotenko, S.I.; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Petrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych Article 1496810 851950
2019 The European Union experience regarding the education policy for intercultural city development Mayboroda, Tetyana; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Petrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych; Зайчик, К.O.; Зайчик, Е.O.; Zaichyk, K.O Article 8274579 6343670
2018 Fundraising as an instrument of state economic policy implementation in the field of education Mayboroda, Tetyana; Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna Conference Papers 24694 27966
2020 The impact of state regulation in a sphere of education on sustainable development of national economy. Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Mayboroda, Tetyana; Mishenina, Halyna Anatoliivna; Геєць, І.О. Article -412151983 743083674
2018 Importance of pet hotels set up as a new phenomena for Ukraine and its economic, marketing & social constituents Mayboroda, Tetyana; Тесленко, М. Conference Papers -1094719631 -658737080
2020 The influence of state regulation of education for achieving the sustainable development goals: case study of Central and Eastern European countries Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Bilan, Yurii Valentynovych; Ostasz, G.; Mayboroda, Tetyana Article -339278489 -552031818
2019 Intercultural development of European cities: educational and financial and economic challenges Mayboroda, Tetyana; Petrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Ponomarenko, Oksana Serhiivna Article 769739354 313031297
2019 Intercultural education policy for youth: European principles of implementation and opportunities for financing in Ukraine Mayboroda, Tetyana; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Petrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych; Dmytrenko, I.M. Article 11826584 6111099
2018 Methods and opportunities for improving customer quality and competitiveness of real estate agencies Mayboroda, Tetyana; Мінько, Д. Conference Papers 7642 1625
2022 Open Research Data in the Open Science Ecosystem and Business Environment Boiko, Anton Oleksandrovych; Kramarenko, Olha Anatoliivna; Mayboroda, Tetyana Article 240 453
2019 Place and role of education sector in the national economy system Mayboroda, Tetyana Conference Papers 52144 100361
2020 Scaling eco-innovations based on socio-economic effects in the "enterprise-region-state" system Shkarupa, Olena Vasylivna; Mayboroda, Tetyana; Kalchenko, Y Conference Papers 690230 132046
2020 Socio-economic patterns of labor market functioning in the public health: challenges connected with COVID-19 Smiianov, Vladyslav Anatoliiovych; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Chyhryn, Olena Yuriivna; Rubanov, Pavlo Mykolaiovych; Mayboroda, Tetyana Article -1781940023 -1467289830
2018 State regulation of the education sector in terms of the country’s educational potential formation Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Mayboroda, Tetyana Conference Papers 7208 28
2018 Аналіз державного регулювання професійної (професійно-технічної) освіти в напрямку її оптимізації Mayboroda, Tetyana Article 431885 269215