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2014 Deposition and Characterization of NiCoCrAlY Coatings by Multi-chamber Detonation Sprayer Kovaleva, M.G.; Tyurin, Y.N.; Arseenko, M.Y.; Prozorova, M.S.; Sirota, V.V.; Beresnev, B.M.; Pavlenko, I.A.; Mamunin, K.N. Article 142217387 143454830
2016 Deposition of Alumina-titania Nanostructured Coating by a New Multi-chamber Gas-dynamic Accelerator Kovaleva, M.G.; Prozorova, M.S.; Arseenko, M.Yu.; Yapryntsev, M.N.; Mamunin, K.N; Sirota, V.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Ageev, E.V. Article 292247275 604524532
2021 Effect of the Content of Molybdenum Disilicide on the Microstructure and Phase Transformations of ZrB2-MoSi2-10Al Coatings upon Annealing in Air Beresnev, V.M.; Goncharov, I.Yu.; Kovaleva, M.G.; Yapryntsev, M.N.; Vagina, O.N.; Novikov, V.Yu.; Sirota, V.V.; Tyurin, Yu.N. Article 264415 838308
2018 Improving the Wear Resistance of Thermally Sprayed Nanocomposite Cr3C2-25NiCr Coatings by Pulsed Plasma Treatment Kovaleva, M.G.; Sirota, V.V.; Beresnev, V.M.; Tyurin, Yu.N.; Vagina, O.N.; Pavlenko, I.A. Article 90267285 137875159
2019 Layered Structure of CoCrAlY/ZrSiO4/Al2O3 Coatings Before and After Thermal Treatment Kovaleva, M.G.; Sirota, V.V.; Beresnev, V.M.; Tyurin, Yu.N.; Vagina, O.N.; Pavlenko, I.A. Article 59464 10635
2019 Nanostructured Coatings Based on Amorphous Carbon and Gold Nanoparticles Obtained by the Pulsed Vacuum-arc Method Kolpakov, A.Ya.; Kovaleva, M.G.; Beresnev, V.M.; Manokhin, S.S.; Poplavsky, A.I.; Khmara, A.N.; Mishunin, M.V.; Galkina, M.E.; Gerus, J.V.; Yapryntsev, M.N.; Sirota, V.V.; Glukhov, О.V. Article 73739 45056
2019 Structure and Physicomechanical Properties of Superhard Multicomponent Multilayer (TiAlСrY/Zr)/(TiAlСrYN/ZrN) Coatings with Double Modulation Period of the Structure Novikov, V.Yu.; Beresnev, V.М.; Kolesnikov, D.A.; Ivanov, О.N.; Lytovchenko, S.V.; Glukhov, О.V.; Gorokh, D.V.; Kozachenko, A.O.; Krytsyna, E.V.; Sirota, V.V. Article 16381 10012
2012 Structure and Properties of Ceramics Based on ZrO2, Synthesis by Solvotermal Method Ivanisenko, V.V.; Sirota, V.V. Conference Papers 80541 55477
2015 Wear-resistant Coatings From Electroerosive Micro- and Nanofraction Powders Ageeva, E.V.; Kuznetsova, L.P.; Ageev, E.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Vinokurov, O.V.; Sirota, V.V. Article 5069443 2697600