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2017 A Computer Simulation of Radiation-Induced Structural Changes and Properties of Multiperiod ZrNx/MoNx System Sobol, O.V.; Meylekhov, A.A.; Bochulia, T.V.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Gorban, V.F.; Postelnyk, А.А.; Shevchenko, S.M.; Yanchev, A.V. Article 1221936420 -130200197
2015 About Peculiarities of the Influence of the Negative Bias Potential Applied to the Substrate During the Deposition Process on the Structural State and Properties of the Multilayer system MoN-CrN Beresnev, V.M.; Sobol’, O.V.; Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Nyemchenko, U.S.; Grankin, S.S.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Turbin, P.V.; Meylehov, A.A.; Arseenko, M.Ju. Conference Papers 604622564 1406169525
2013 Effect of Ion Irradiation on the Structural State of the Vacuum-Arc Nitride Coatings Andreev, A.A.; Voevodin, V.N.; Sobol, O.V.; Gorban, V.F.; Filchikov, V.E.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Levenets, V.V.; Lysan, D.V. Conference Papers 7837305 4195432
2013 Effect of Preparation Conditions in the Pressure Range of Atmospheric Nitrogen (2 ... 50) 10-4 Torr on the Structural and Phase State of the Vacuum-Arc Coatings of Mo-N Sobol, O.V.; Andreev, A.A.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Fil’chikov, V.E.; Grigoriev, S.N.; Volosova, M.V. Conference Papers 39376296 41376267
2018 Influence of the Bias Potential and the Pressure of the Nitrogen Atmosphere on the Structure and Properties of Vacuum-arc Coatings Based on the AlCrTiZrNbV High-entropy Alloy Sobol, O.V.; Andreev, A.A.; Gorban, V.F.; Postelnyk, А.А.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Zvyagolskiy, A.V. Article 966707104 78899261
2015 Influence of thermal annealing and deposition conditions on structure and physical-mechanical properties of multilayered nanosized TiN/ZrN coatings Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Bondar, Oleksandr Viacheslavovych; Erdybaeva, N.K.; Plotnikov, S.V.; Turbin, P.V.; Grankin, S.S.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Sobol, O.V.; Kolesnikov, D.A.; Kozak, C. Article -1539342614 1968828457
2017 Mixing on the Boundaries of Layers of Multilayer Nanoperiod Coatings of the TiNх/ZrNх System: Simulation and Experiment Sobol, O.V.; Meylekhov, A.A.; Mygushchenko, R.P.; Postelnyk, А.А.; Sagaidashnikov, Yu.Ye.; Stolbovoy, V.A. Article 150077520 75935561
2011 Multylayer vacuum-arc coatins Ti-Mo-N production and study Andreev, A.A.; Serdyuk, I.V.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Gorban, V.F.; Sobol, О.V. Conference Papers 41902872 27165008
2019 Structural Engineering and Mechanical Properties of (Ti-V-Zr-Nb-Hf-Ta)N Coatings Obtained at Different Pressures Sobol, O.V.; Andreev, A.A.; Postelnyk, H.O.; Meylekhov, A.A.; Sagaidashnikov, Yu.Ye.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Yevtushenko, N.S.; Syrenko, T.O.; Kraievska, Zh.V.; Zvyagolskiy, A.V. Article 5812403 6081257
2016 Structural Engineering Multiperiod Coating ZrN/MoN Sobol', O.V.; Meylekhov, A.A.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Postelnyk, A.A. Article 1171112534 1121157231
2017 Structural Engineering of the Multilayer Vacuum Arc Nitride Coatings Based on Ti, Cr, Mo and Zr Sobol, O.V.; Postelnyk, A.A.; Meylekhov, A.A.; Andreev, A.A.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Gorban, V.F. Article 1911895036 -548118458
2012 Structural-phase and Strained State of Vacuum-ARC Mo-N Coatings Andreev, A.A.; Grigorev, S.N.; Sobol, O.V.; Volosova, M.A.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Filchikov, V.Ye. Conference Papers 2275771 4762094
2015 Structure and Mechanical Properties of Multilayered Nanostructured TiN/ZrN Ion-plasma Coatings Bondar, Oleksandr Viacheslavovych; Postolnyi, B.O.; Grankin, S.S.; Beresnev, V.M.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Zhollybekov, B.; Koltunowicz, T.N. Conference Papers 1243514867 -2091109132
2018 Structure and Mechanical Properties of TiAlSiY Vacuum-Arc Coatings Deposited in Nitrogen Atmosphere Beresnev, V.M.; Sobol, O.V.; Lytovchenko, S.V.; Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Klimenko, S.A.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Srebniuk, P.A.; Manokhin, A.S.; Kovaleva, M.G.; Novikov, V.Yu.; Meilekhov, A.A.; Nyemchenko, U.S.; Barmin, A.E.; Turbin, P.V. Article 8466378 6382496
2017 Structure and Properties of Vacuum Arc Single-Layer and Multiperiod Two-Layer Nitride Coatings Based on Ti(Al):Si Layers Beresnev, V.M.; Sobol, O.V.; Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Lytovchenko, S.V.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Srebniuk, P.A.; Novikov, V.Ju.; Doshchechkina, I.V.; Meylehov, A.A.; Postelnyk, A.A.; Nyemchenko, U.S.; Mazylin, B.A.; Kruhlova, V.V. Article 660282263 678496976
2017 Structure and Properties of Vacuum-arc Coatings of Chromium and Its Nitrides Obtained under the Action of Constant and Pulse High-voltage Bias Potential Sobol, O.V.; Postelnyk, А.А.; Mygushchenko, R.P.; Ubeidulla, F. Al-Qawabeha; Taha, A. Tabaza; Safwan, M. Al-Qawabah; Gorban, V.F.; Stolbovoy, V.A. Article 131023014 145754618
2015 Structure, Substructure, Hardness and Adhesion Strength of Multiperiod Composite Coatings MoN / CrN Grankin, S.S.; Beresnev, V.M.; Sobol, O.V.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Novikov, V.Yu.; Lytovchenko, S.V.; Nyemchenko, U.S.; Meylehov, A.A.; Kovaleva, M.G.; Postelnik, A.A.; Toryanik, I.N. Article 325795040 154226547
2011 Stucture and mechanical characteristics of vacuum arc TiN coatings deposited with high-voltage high frequency pulses on the substrate Sobol, О.V.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Aleshin, S.V.; Andreev, A.A.; Grigorev, S.N.; Gorban, V.F.; Volosova, M.A. Conference Papers 8832799 12512134
2018 The Effect of Constant and High Voltage Pulse Bias Potentials on the Structure and Properties of Vacuum-Arc (TiVZrNbHf)Nх Coatings Sobol', O.V.; Postelnyk, А.А.; Mygushchenko, R.P.; Gorban', V.F.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Zvyagolskiy, A.V. Article 2484243 1375119
2019 The Influence of Layer Thickness and Deposition Conditions on Structural State of NbN/Cu Multilayer Coatings Sobol, O.V.; Andreev, A.A.; Meylekhov, A.A.; Postelnyk, А.А.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Ryshchenko, I.M.; Sagaidashnikov, Yu.Ye.; Kraievska, Zh.V. Article 35951507 65581529