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2019 Effect of BiScO3 Additive on the Structure and Electrical Properties of the Y2O3-ZrO2-SrTiO3 System Sudzhanskaya, I.V.; Yaprintsev, M.N.; Nekrasova, Yu.S.; Beresnev, V.M.; Vasilev, A.N. Article 1890 918
2018 Electrical Conductivity and Dielectric Relaxation Processes of the Ceramic System Y2O3-ZrO2-SrTiO3-BiScO3 Sudzhanskaya, I.V.; Beresnev, V.M.; Iliushyn, L.O. Article 630 40
2015 Hopping Conductivity and Negative Magnetoresistance of the Bulk Nanograined Bi2Te3 Material Ivanov, O.N.; Lyubushkin, R.A.; Yaprintsev, M.N.; Sudzhanskaya, I.V. Article 11285 1070
2017 Influence of the Angle of Inclination of the Plasma Flow of Carbon to the Substrate on the Electrical Capacitance and Morphology of the Surface of Carbon Coatings Sudzhanskaya, I.V.; Poplavsky, А.I.; Goncharov, I.Y.; Glukhov, O.V. Article 379 186
2020 Production, Structure and Properties of Coatings Based on Al2O3 Obtained by Magnetron Method Kolesnikov, D.А.; Sudzhanskaya, I.V.; Goncharov, I.Yu.; Lytovchenko, S.V.; Novikov, V.Yu.; Kudryavtsev, Е.А.; Mazilin, B.O.; Krytsyna, Е.V.; Beresnev, V.M.; Glukhov, O.V. Article 377 217
2013 Properties of Nanoscale Carbon Coatings Obtained by the Pulsed Vacuum-Arc Method on Silicon Kolpakov, A.Y.; Poplavsky, A.I.; Galkina, M.E.; Kovaleva, M.G.; Sudzhanskaya, I.V.; Gerus, J.V. Conference Papers 10963 894
2015 Tunneling Conductivity in the Normal Phase of Superconducting Indium in Porous Glass Ivanov, O.N.; Sudzhanskaya, I.V. Article 3768 637