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2021 Analysis of the Definition of “Change” as an Economic Category Hrytsenko, Pavlo Valeriiovych; Kovalenko, Yevhen Volodymyrovych; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Smakouz, A.M.; Stepanenko, Y.S. Article -2136590423 489267577
2018 Approaches to the Formation of a Theoretical Model for the Analysis of Environmental and Economic Development Horobchenko, Denys Volodymyrovych; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych Article -20570670 656279888
2024 Artificial intelligence for business efficiency and civil defence fostering Kubatko, Oleksandr Vasylovych; Ozims, S.; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Konovalenko, I. Article 633 629
2021 Assessment of the development of innovation activities in the regions: Case of Ukraine Hrytsenko, Pavlo Valeriiovych; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Kovalenko, Yevhen Volodymyrovych; Kurman, T.; Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych Article -1159141290 -183308178
2022 Determination of regulatory effectivness indicators of tax instruments Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Lebid, N. Conference Papers 103840 186474
2022 Determining the levels of regulatory effectiveness of tax instruments at the national level Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Otych, M. Conference Papers 332684 276904
2024 The development of the digital transformation of socio-economic and ecological systems Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Kovalov, Bohdan Leonidovych; Kharchenko, Mykola Oleksiiovych; Hrytsenko, Pavlo Valeriiovych; Omelianenko, V.A. Article 770 1065
2022 Ecologization of economy and ecological production in Ukraine Nikulina, M.; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Zabolotna, E. Conference Papers 77519405 79728599
2020 Economic prospects for cooperation the European Union and Ukraine in the use of blockchain technologies Бабенко, В.О.; Matsenko, Oleksandr Mykhailovych; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Ніколаєв, С.О.; Казак, Д.В. Article -1937588845 309927679
2017 The effects of the management of natural energy resources in the European Union Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Kovalov, Bohdan Leonidovych; Horobchenko, Denys Volodymyrovych; Hrytsenko, Pavlo Valeriiovych Article 1159441128 -77342935
2022 Ensuring the stability of the economy through environmental protection and modeling for effective decision making Shvydka, V.; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych Conference Papers 88629266 96728274
2022 Essence and main tasks of ecological and economic analysis of enterprise activity Sahnenko, Т.; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Derykolenko, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Conference Papers 172254110 234894755
2017 Evaluation of tourism competitiveness of Ukraine’s regions Kovalov, Bohdan Leonidovych; Burlakova, Iryna Mykhailivna; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych Article 14 1
2021 "Green" Vector of the Economic Development of the Country Nesterenko, V.O.; Dolhosheieva, O.I.; Kirilieva, A.V.; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Hrytsenko, Pavlo Valeriiovych Article 1194211414 2091816829
2023 How digital transformation of the economy can improve employment in Ukraine Sotnyk, Iryna Mykolaivna; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Maslii, M.; Nikulina, M; Xing, Lu Article 12165746 8102396
2024 The improvement of the assessment of digital transformations in socioeconomic systems using AI Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Zaika, Yurii Serhiiovych; Horbulenko, Vitalii Mykolaiovych; Pokutnii, Maksym Valeriiovych; Wang, S. Article 7712 4674
2024 Influence of artificial intelligence on business decision-making Kubatko, Oleksandr Vasylovych; Ozims, S.Ch.; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych Article -1148032684 930399933
2022 Information & Analytical Support of Innovation Processes Management Efficience Estimations at the Regional Level Omelyanenko, V.; Pidorycheva, I.; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Andrusiak, N.; Omelianenko, O.; Fyliuk, H.; Matkovskyi, P.; Kosmidailo, I. Article -268682659 611161885
2021 Problems and prospects of small business development Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Mazin, Yurii Oleksandrovych; Hrytsenko, Pavlo Valeriiovych; Globa, A. Conference Papers 583188874 273094137
2022 Problems and ways of the greening of Ukraine’s economy Mukorez, A.; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych Conference Papers 39364616 9432548