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2015 About Using Carbon Nanotubes with Amino Group Modification as Sensors Polikarpova, N.P.; Zaporotskova, I.V.; Boroznin, S.V.; Zaporotskov, P.A. Article 35692 13823
2016 Boron Monolayer χ3-type. Formation of the Vacancy Defect and Pinhole Boroznina, E.V.; Davletova, O.A.; Zaporotskova, I.V. Article 12782 3601
2014 Boron-carbon Nanotube Modification Using Alkaline Metal Atoms Boroznin, S.V.; Boroznina, E.V.; Zaporotskova, I.V.; Polikarpova, N.P. Article 9453029 1441160
2017 Comparative Analysis of Sensor Activity of Carbon Nanotubes Modified with Functional Groups Boroznina, N.P.; Zaporotskova, I.V.; Boroznin, S.V. Article 3749 99
2014 Obtaining New Dental Materials Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes Zaporotskova, I.V.; Elbakyan, L.S. Article 42415166 19208583
2017 Research of the Vacancy Migration Process on the Surface of BC Nanolayer Boroznin, S.V.; Zaporotskova, I.V.; Boroznina, N.P. Article 4694 4643
2019 Sensitivity Properties of Graphene with Metal Nanoparticles Konobeeva, N.N.; Kulbina, A.S.; Zaporotskova, I.V.; Belonenko, M.B. Article 2914 83
2016 The Mechanism of Interaction of Esters of Methacrylic Acid with Carbon Nanotubes to Create a New Polymer Composite Material Zaporotskova, I.V.; Elbakyan, L.S. Article 266860 307231
2014 Theoretical Studies of the Structure of the Metal-carbon Composites on the Base of Acryle-nitrile Nanopolimer Zaporotskova, I.V.; Anikeev, N.A.; Kojitov, L.V.; Davletova, O.A.; Popkova, A.V. Article 107783198 41448653