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2006 A Practitioner’s Research: Director Remuneration in Ukraine Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Article 131009234 58150137
2018 Accounting systems in developing countries under sustainability: first glance from Ukraine and Ghan Makarenko, Inna Oleksandrivna; Adu, Stephen Article -2033444440 502792277
2020 Analysis of quarantine effectiveness in Ukraine Lobatiuk, M.; Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna Conference Papers 1297157 899135
2022 Assessment and forecasting of Ukraine’s financial security: Choice of alternatives Rekunenko, Ihor Ivanovych; Zhuravka, Fedir Oleksandrovych; Nebaba, N.; Levkovych, O.; Chorna, S. Article 2443630 3978776
2020 Assessment of financial monitoring efficiency in the banking system of Ukraine Bukhtiarova, Alina Hennadiivna; Semenoh, Andrii Yuriiovych; Razinkova, M.; Nebaba, Nataliia Oleksandrivna; Józef, Antoni Haber Article 585530668 1508861589
2022 Assessment of the external debt impact on a country’s economic development indicators: Evidence from Ukraine Petrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych; Korneyev, M.; Nebaba, N.; Banchuk-Petrosova, O.; Bohorodytska, A. Article 114 38
2020 Assessment of the reforms and programs results of Ukraine’s economy sustainable development by means of neural networks Skliar, I.; Pedchenko, N.; Strilec, V.; Novikova, V.; Kozmenko, Y. Article 1308214 466797
2011 Banking Supervision Evolution Of Ukraine Diakonova, Iryna Ivanivna Book chapter 1355864 586
2005 Board Committee Practices in Ukraine Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Article 810203 334736
2006 Board size and composition: the main tradeoffs Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych; Koverga, V. Article 1800231 1545883
2022 Border Battle: Fighting on the Ukrainian-Moscow Border in 1660–1661 Dehtiarov, Serhii Ivanovych; Osadchij, E.M.; Gut, J. Article 6548481 7378168
2005 Business innovations and structure of corporate ownership in Ukraine Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Article 1461394 890527
2013 Characteristics of crime in Ukraine Podolkova, Svitlana Vitaliivna; Motryuk, A.D. Conference Papers 9882830 12498702
2016 Comparison between poverty in Nigeria and Ukraine Anaga, S.I. Conference Papers 3775536 2949634
2007 Corporate Board Composition in an Emerging Market Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Article 449957 105874
2006 Corporate board practices Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Monograph 3965464 2809592
2010 Corporate governance in banks of Ukraine Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych; Govorun, D; Kondrunina, K. Book chapter 9419895 23525629
2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Index For Ukrainian Banks: The Essentials For Implementation Mozghovyi, Yaroslav Ivanovych; Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych; Kostyuk, O.; Kravchenko, Ya. Article 15957035 30491032
2011 Correlation between the corporate social responsibility and financial perfomance of the bank in Ukrainian context Mozghovyi, Yaroslav Ivanovych; Ratnykova, Iu. Article 681226 735113
2016 Correspondence between the academician Evgeny Fedorov and Tsou Yi-Hsin: materials to the history of latitude investigations Pryn, M.O.; Pryn, O.V.; Dehtiarov, Serhii Ivanovych Article 590537020 697332559