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2018 Analysis of the Theories for Assessment of the Quality Management Product Efficiency Zaloha, Viliam Oleksandrovych; Yashyna, Tetiana Viktorivna; Dynnyk, Oksana Dmytrivna Article -1021545320 251441718
2010 Assessing language skills in ESP: key concepts vs common misconceptions Hnapovska, Liudmyla Vadymivna Article 286282 183324
2022 Assessing oracy in young adults vocational training Liashenko, Iryna Volodymyrivna Article 14 9
2018 Assessing the Impact on Social Sector: A Macroeconomic Approach Bagmet, K.V.; Haponova, O. Article 1107803309 1440180653
2013 Assessing Writing Schoolbook 406386363 141351474
2022 Assessment and forecasting of Ukraine’s financial security: Choice of alternatives Rekunenko, Ihor Ivanovych; Zhuravka, Fedir Oleksandrovych; Nebaba, N.; Levkovych, O.; Chorna, S. Article 1772497 1620114
2020 Assessment of wastewater treatment plant effluent impact on the ecosystem of the river on the basis of the quantitative development of ciliated protozoa characteristic of the aeration tank Babkoв, R.; Pliashechnyk, V.; Kuzmina, Tetiana Mykolaivna; Danko, Y.; Szulzyk-Cieplak, J.; Lagod, G. Article 47627 57924
2018 Assessment welfare of the population in the synergetic system of socio-economic exclusion Druzhynina, V.; Likhonosova, G.; Lutsenko, G. Article 914362 639729
2022 Country’s green brand: the main gaps in the scientific treatises Us, Yana Oleksandrivna; Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Ziabina, Yevheniia Anatoliivna Article 30 28
2013 Designing Tasks for Assessing Skills of Writing Hnapovska, Liudmyla Vadymivna Article 391858 98
2018 Development Of Accounting-Information Provision Of Enterprise Value-Based Management Kravchenko, Olena Volodymyrivna; Zhuravka, Fedir Oleksandrovych; Ovcharova, Nataliia Viktorivna Article 906255124 29952108
2004 English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in Ukraine. A Baseline Study Khodtseva, Alla Oleksandrivna Book chapter -2137062406 1759082958
2013 English on-line Olympiad as a new method of students’ knowledge assessment Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Пономаренко, Марина Вікторівна; Пономаренко, Марина Викторовна; Ponomarenko, Marina Viktorivna Article 1104463456 -1585788300
2021 Environmental quality as a factor of influence on mortality from СOVID-19 Bielova, Inna Valeriivna; Bukhtiarova, Alina Hennadiivna; Pakhnenko, Olena Mykhailivna; Diakonova, Iryna Ivanivna Article 124894 486
2013 Forming of Elements of Mechanism of Assessing the Quality of Bank Management System Башлай, С.В.; Подоляка, О.І. Article 15612 8067
2020 Impact of integrated reporting on enterprise value-based management: evidence from Ukraine Zhuravka, Fedir Oleksandrovych; Kravchenko, Olena Volodymyrivna; Ovcharova, Nataliia Viktorivna; Oleksich, Zhanna Anatoliivna; Miroshnychenko, Olesia Volodymyrivna Article 11934856 14385185
2020 Management of Companies Performance: Impact of Immaterial Capital Lahmini, Hajar Mouatassim; Mialed, Karima; Mokhlis, Chams Eddoha Article 1276666492 -693115688
2019 Marketing tools for improving enterprise performance in the context of social and economic security of the state: innovative approaches to assessment Kwilinski, A.; Pajak, K.; Halachenko, O.; Vasylchak, S.; Pushak, Ya.; Kuzior, P. Article 1610478648 1213772932
2016 Methodology of social and environmental external costs estimation in the Ukraine’s energy sector Karaieva, N.V.; Kramarev, G.V. Article 6697422 2312005
2015 Modern view on the fiscal security assessment level of the European Union countries: lessons for Ukraine Riabushka, Liudmyla Borysivna; Павелка, Ф. Article 3054 720