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2017 Aid and Governance: issues in developing countries Sahqani, G.B. Article 2911 3049
2003 Analysis of East Asia’ crisis: preconditions and results Lapishko, M.L.; Klimiuk, Zb. Article 676 648
2012 Application requirements of international institutions to organizations of financial monitoring /AML in Ukraine in the struggle against corruption Bielova, Inna Valeriivna; Korenieva, Oksana Hennadiivna Article 2465 2651
2017 Corruption and migration policy. EU crisis management revisited Sysoieva, Larysa Yuriivna; Kleinschmidt, H. Article 5199 5296
2021 Corruption counteraction as a factor in the development of Ukraine`s international economic relations Vialkova, V.V.; Вялкова, В.В. Bachelous Paper 51 52
2018 Corruption in medicine in Ukraine. Some ways to overcome Hryhorenko, Y.I. Conference Papers 406 366
2018 Corruption, Investment and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: A Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach Nguedie, Y.H.N. Article 1726 1733
2016 Corruption: lessons to be learnt Rudenok, M.G. Conference Papers 136 105
2019 Country’s Brand and Corruption Level: Cointegration Analysis Milova, T.; Troshkina, K.; Horlov, Y.; Dobkowski, J. Article 423 377
2017 CSER standards as a basis for combating cor-ruption in companies of the real sector of the economy: stakeholder approach Myroshnychenko, Yuliia Oleksandrivna; Bondar A.V., Conference Papers 547 522
2017 Dynamics factors of ukrainian economy innovative transformation: main points and specifics of influence Piurenko, I.; Banyeva, I; Garkusha, O. Article 595 522
2020 Economic security and the fight against corruption Harchenko, D. Conference Papers 33 32
2019 Economic security of the country: marketing, institutional and political determinants Harust, Yurii Vitaliiovych; Melnyk, Vadym Ivanovych; Prasol, L. Article 1031 988
2020 Efficiency of oil-production: the role of institutional factors Chyhryn, Olena Yuriivna; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Saad, Mlaabdal Article 33 32
2021 Enhancing Business Integrity as a Mechanism for Combating Corruption and Shadow Schemes in the Country Bozhenko, Viktoriia Volodymyrivna Article 88 83
2021 The Essence of The Concept of "Corruption": Legal and Doctrinal Aspects. Bondarenko, Olha Serhiivna Article 56 58
2020 Financial security of the state Rieznik, Oleh Mykolaiovych; Getmanets, O.; Kovalchuk, A.; Nastyuk, V.; Andriichenko, Nadiia Serhiivna Article 131 123
2021 Forms of committing corrupt abuses of public finances and ways to counteract them in Ukraine Sukhonos, Volodymyr Viktorovych; Pavlenko, Liudmyla Dmytrivna; Krukhmal, Olena Valentynivna; Ivanovska, A.; Maletov, Dmitry Vladimirovich Article 99 101
2019 Impact of transparency of public finances on the level of corruption in Ukraine Savchenko, Taras Hryhorovych; Bukhtiarova, Alina Hennadiivna; Shkolnyk, Inna Oleksandrivna; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Bielova, Inna Valeriivna; Semenoh, Andrii Yuriiovych; Mordan, Yevheniia Yuriivna; Mynenko, L.; Snagoshchenko, A.; Reva, V.; Podobriy, H.; Zykunov, D.; Sirobaba, D.; Tenitska, I.; Klochko, O.; Dukhno, J. Monograph 1420 1388
2020 Institutional Determinants Of Assessing Energy Efficiency Gaps In The National Economy Pavlyk, V. Article 125 119