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2017 A new economic order for global prosperity Louis, R. Article 151827116 36624584
2022 Additive economy and new horizons of innovative business development Melnyk, Leonid Hryhorovych; Matsenko, Oleksandr Mykhailovych; Kubatko, Oleksandr Vasylovych; Korneyev, M.; Tuliakov, Oleh Olehovych Article 35301 34410
2016 Analysis of ways to optimize scientific and technical support of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine Zakharova, D.S. Article 1195872 856399
2018 Approaches to the Formation of a Theoretical Model for the Analysis of Environmental and Economic Development Horobchenko, Denys Volodymyrovych; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych Article 6142777 5219254
2022 Assessment of transmission effects between “corruption-digitization-economic growth” Surovičová, A.; Bozhenko, Viktoriia Volodymyrivna; Boiko, Anton Oleksandrovych; Petrenko, K. Article 611 612
2022 Assessment of transmission effects between “corruption-digitization-economic growth” Surovicova, A.; Bozhenko, Viktoriia Volodymyrivna; Boiko, Anton Oleksandrovych; Petrenko, K. Article 2284 766
2021 Cointegration between Economic, Ecological and Tourism Development Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Us, Yana Oleksandrivna Article 9327 7112
2009 Cтруктурні деформації в економіці україни та їх вплив на якість економічного зростання Коцко, Т.А. Conference Papers 6094315 18380318
2013 Decoupling effect as a part of the eco-friendly development of Kyiv city Boiko, V. Conference Papers 1193451 411364
2021 Determinants of economic growth in the European Union. An empirical analysis of conditional convergence Holobiuc, A.-M. Article 490901 208239
2022 Does Population Aging Impact China’s Economic Growth? Chen, Q.; Chi, Q.; Chen, Y.; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Article 279 45
2020 Dynamic Effects of Foreign Portfolio Investment on Economic Growth in Nigeria Toyin, O.W.; Oludayol, Ad.E. Article -289446101 -1371157078
2018 Econometric analysis of long and short-run effects of exports on economic growth in Cameroon Harold, N.Ng. Yan. Article 42574 19914
2016 Economic and ecological factors influence on population health in Ukraine Kubatko, Oleksandra Viktorivna Conference Papers 481731 484924
2019 Economic and environmental convergence of transformation economy: the case of China Melnyk, Leonid Hryhorovych; Kubatko, Oleksandr Vasylovych; Karintseva, Oleksandra Ivanivna; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Rui, Li Article 7402 5599
2016 Economic and social challenges of Ukrainian society Derbeniov, K.O. Conference Papers 50654 61506
2020 Economic development strategy of foreign economic activity Plakhtynska, V.V. Masters thesis 1936959 1925509
2020 Economic Growth and the Optimal Size of the Public sector in Jordan Aljaloudi, J.A.; Warrad, T.A. Article 19462475 3232318
2017 Economic, Environmental and Social Challenges of Science for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: the EU and World Experience Melnyk, Leonid Hryhorovych; Karintseva, Oleksandra Ivanivna; Dehtyarova, Iryna Borysivna; Dehtiarova, Iryna Borysivna Article 1409962 519685
2019 Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth Nexus in the Republic of Benin Marcel, D.T.A. Article 8110357 14892808