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2014 Budget deficit in Ukraine: problems and ways to improve Sinepol, V.E. Conference Papers 159 138
2020 Combating crime in the banking sector as a method for ensuring its stability (evidence from Ukraine) Klochko, Alona Mykolaivna; Kvasha, O.; Zahynei, Z.; Lohvynenko, Mykola Ivanovych; Kurylo, M. Article 22 8
2016 Comparison between poverty in Nigeria and Ukraine Anaga, S.I. Conference Papers 414 361
2019 Conceptualization of trust in the financial sector of the economy Brychko, Maryna Mykhailivna Conference Papers 30 23
2020 The Covid-19 influence on Ukrainian economy and national labour market Litsman, M.A.; Sotnyk, Iryna Mykolaivna Conference Papers 117 98
2014 Economical and ecological consequences of the management of biological wastes arising in the intensive agricultural livestock production Adamisin, Peter; Huttmanova, Emilia; Chovancova, Jana Conference Papers 107 93
2004 Economics for Ecology Book 4820 2856
2020 Economics of Transnational Crime Marekha, Iryna Serhiivna Learning Object 139 123
2018 Freaconomics. Behavioral economics. Non-rational behavior Derbeniov, K.O. Conference Papers 798 509
2019 Interpretation Techniques with the Content Module: Translation in Economic and Business Spheres Zhulavska, Olha Oleksandrivna; Kulish, Vladyslava Serhiivna Learning Object 394 371
2016 Marketing approaches to increase of sales in the context of behaviour economy Makhnusha, Svitlana Mykhailivna Conference Papers 110 97
2018 Marketing aspects of the pseudo-leisure consumption and the quality of life: a case study from Kazakhstan Shevyakova, A.; Perova, N.; Asanova, M.; Polevoy, S. Article 323 296
2016 Modell des motivations mechanismus der dematerialisierung Zaitsev, Oleksandr Vasylovych; Нікітін, Дмитро Васильович; Никитин, Дмитрий Васильевич; Nikitin, Dmitro Vasylovych Conference Papers 545 389
2014 Non-cash payments and the accompanying risks Kryvych, Yana Mykolaivna; Бут, М.М.; Ожеховський, В.В. Article 541 626
2018 Reclaiming of Water Resources in Condition of “Green Economy” Matsenko, Oleksandr Mykhailovych; Torba, Ivan Valeriiovych Conference Papers 20 14
2020 Socio-Economic Challenges Book 247 226
2018 Strategy of Enterprise Dehtyarova, Iryna Borysivna; Dehtiarova, Iryna Borysivna Learning Object 1104 1072
2018 The Algerian bank between eco-regulations and development of customer loyalty Khadidja, Z.; Bachir, B. Article 416 354
2009 The global crisis and the economy of Ukraine Mamedova, N. Conference Papers 128 58
2015 The problem of economic stability and the independence of Latin America in the context of the increase of military equipment Korchun, V.S.; Bokalo, D.R. Article 246 98