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2014 Estimation of Banking System Regulation Efficiency Diakonova, Iryna Ivanivna; Mordan, Yevheniia Yuriivna Article 430 492
2013 Evaluation and use of indicators of insurance companies' investment activity Козьменко, О.В.; Roienko, Viktoriia Volodymyrivna Article 135 148
2014 Evaluation of efficiency of innovation projects in housing and communal services Novikova, M.M.; Burmaka, T.M. Article 560 242
2013 Evaluation of efficiency of the international technology transfer processes Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych Article 481 445
2012 Ex ante efficiency of structured bargaining procedures under coordination failure among creditors Toyofuku, K. Conference Papers 840 801
2020 Financial sector development: efficiency of the regulation and public trust Brychko, Maryna Mykhailivna; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Ібрагімов, З. Article 33 23
2020 Financial sector development: efficiency of the regulation and public trust Brychko, Maryna Mykhailivna; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Ібрагімов, З. Article 10 1
2019 Fundamentals of a National Standardization System as a Means Confirming the Quality and Innovation of Products: Experience of International Organizations in Ukraine and Canada Derevyanko, B.V.; Rieznik, Oleh Mykolaiovych; Shlapko, Tetiana Viktorivna; Popovych, T.G. Article 508 500
2017 Gravity model analysis of client-facing choice (in terms of probability evaluation of clients’ visits to banks) Vashchenko, M.; Cherniavskyi, I. Article 1970 1853
2020 Green competitiveness: Ukraine's business sector in the worldwide trends framework Chyhryn, Olena Yuriivna; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Kostornova, S. Article 54 47
2019 HR Management in the Digital Age: the Main Trends Assessment and Stakeholders Chyhryn, Olena Yuriivna; Karintseva, Oleksandra Ivanivna; Kozlova, D.D.; Kovaleva, A.V. Article 1945 1751
2018 Hybrid Solar Generating Module Development for High-Efficiency Solar Energy Station Zaitsev, R.V.; Kirichenko, M.V.; Khrypunov, G.S.; Prokopenko, D.S.; Zaitseva, L.V. Article 164 117
2020 The impact of state regulation in a sphere of education on sustainable development of national economy. Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Mayboroda, Tetyana; Mishenina, Halyna Anatoliivna; Геєць, І.О. Article 27 0
2020 Implementation of Innovation in the Company: Situation Analysis Chang, S. Article 22 12
2019 Implications of Effective Conflict Management on Organizational Performance: Case Study of Nigerian Bottling Company PLC Adewole, Adeyinka Joseph; Ogunyemi, Kayode Joseph; Otapo, Toyin W. Article 298 267
2020 Improving the Physical Model of GaAs Solar Cells Zaitsev, R.V.; Kirichenko, M.V. Article 42 36
2018 Innovations in assessing the efficiency of the instruments for the national economy de-shadowing: the state management aspect Levchenko, V.; Kobzieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Boiko, Anton Oleksandrovych; Shlapko, Tetiana Viktorivna Article 274 258
2020 Innovations in Management of Banks Deposit Portfolio: Structure of Customer Deposit Andros, S.; Akimova, L.; Butkevich, O. Article 100 86
2018 Investigation of Absorber Layer Thickness Effect on CIGS Solar Cell in Different Cases of Buffer Layers Benslimane, Hassane; Dennai, Benmoussa Article 131 103
2014 Investigation of Energy Losses in the Flow Section of the Small-Sized Axial-Flow Pump Matviienko, Olha Anatoliivna; Husak, Oleksandr Hryhorovych; Nenia, Viktor Hryhorovych Article 2351 2221