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2021 Development of financial markets in the post-pandemic world Zhuzha, L.M.; Жужа, Л.М. Bachelous Paper 37173865 988551
2017 Evaluation Quality of Consumer Protection by Financial Markets Services Poliakh, S.; Alikariyev, N. Article 80787867 146016589
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2021 Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks Books 345 316
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2018 How Public R&D Funding Can Be Profitable in Europe and in International Financial Markets? Tommaso, F.D. Article 282054 757260
2021 Illegal activities of financial intermediaries: A burden of trust crisis Brychko, Maryna Mykhailivna; Savchenko, Taras Hryhorovych; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Piotrowski, P. Article 1259316 1761269
2018 January effect: 200 years of evolution in the us stock market Plastun, Oleksii Leonidovych; Пластун, В. Article 1898001 2254096
2017 Monetary Policy Surprises and the Responses of Asset Prices: An Event Study Analysis Jiang, Yu.; Wang, G. Article 263139 286360
2020 The New Italian Legislation on Corporate Governance and Business Crisis. The Impact of Covid – 19 on SMEs and the Recent Rules to Mitigate the Effects Tommaso, F.D. Article 1057 1179
2012 Transformational processes in global banking sector Lopatkina, I.V.; Lopatkin, V.G. Conference Papers 1277 77
2010 Ukrainial financial system as a link of the European financial system: аnalysis and prospects Peresadko, Halyna Oleksandrivna; Lukash, S.M. Article 28826 523
2022 The US dollar: challenges for dominance in the global economy Brehova, Z.V. Bachelous Paper 52390 26403
2018 What are the Costs and Benefits of a International Corporate Governance Reregulation? Tommaso, F.D. Article 33042 38436
2022 World financial crises, their impact on the state of international financial relations. Prospects for crisis diagnosis Polyvyana, K.O. Bachelous Paper 182 240
2007 Вплив глобалізації фінансових ринків на роботу банківської системи України Щербак, В. Article 7454 5270
2011 Економічна сутність і особливості банківської конкуренції та конкурентоспроможності банків Герасименко, В.В. Article 18298 25466
2013 Економічні аспекти категорії ринок Kubakh, Tetiana Hryhorivna Conference Papers 10898 123