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2022 Analysis of financial stability to the banking system and assessment level influence of innovative technologies Shumeiko, Y.O.; Hrytsenko, Larysa Leonidivna; Dakher, Kateryna Anatoliivna Article 28135074 -1957324335
2017 Can banking innovations lead to new financial crisis: case of Central and Eastern Europe Dovha, N.; Boychenko, V. Article -146611712 392356906
2011 Contemporary views on the essence of company’s solvency analysis Bojarko, I.M.; Hrytsenko, Larysa Leonidivna Article 1544498780 1966927737
2007 Financial Stability Issues at Central Banks Spicka, P. Article 603410779 603984974
2020 The impact of the covid-19 pandemic on business activities in Ukraine Boronos, Volodymyr Mykolaiovych; Zakharkin, Oleksii Oleksandrovych; Zakharkina, Liudmyla Serhiivna; Bilous, Y. Article 196037127 1494757069
2014 Investigation of financial stability of Ukraine Башлай, С.В. Article 434066406 439848039
2020 Macroprudential policy and financial stability, role and tools Bouchetara, M.; Nassour, A.; Eyih, S. Article -7017886 -1944206933
2019 Macroprudential policy in the dilemma “Financial stability – financial development” Kremen, V. Conference Papers 11847877 5596356
2013 Prospects for the use of financial instability hypothesis H. P. Minsky in the formation of conter-crisis strategy in the banking system of Ukraine Kotenko, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Article 22611026 17697979
2020 Role of Central Bank Independence in Banking and Financial Stability Ensuring Dudchenko, Viktoriia Yuriivna Article 1439252886 -101229979
2021 State debt of Ukraine: a retrospective analysis. Kubakh, Tetiana Hryhorivna Conference Papers 2043750 4947899
2020 Structural modeling of the impact of bank nonperforming loans on the banking sector: the Ukrainian experience Bondarenko, Yevheniia Kostiantynivna; Zhuravka, Olena Serhiivna; Aiyedogbon, J.O.; Ologunla, Emmanuel Sunday; Andrieieva, V. Article -1990678482 916094670
2022 The Technological Innovations of Fintech Companies to Ensure the Stability of the Financial System in Pandemic Times Baltgailis, J.; Simakhova, A. Article 2351508 5828764
2018 The consumer protection as a driver of innovative development: case study for consumers of financial services Poliakh, S. Article -1699888120 -2144261622
2014 The elements of innovative management in a financially sustainable development of industrial enterprises Yeletskyh, S.Ya. Article 853536309 780441706
2012 The identification of market osition of the bank on the financial market Yeris, L. Article 88401950 116074967
2017 The optimization of banking regulation intensity from the perspective of financial stability in banking sector: an empirical analysis Didenko, O.; Dordevic, S. Article 262957116 1776593348
2015 Theoretical aspects of enterprise financial stability management Kovalova, T.V. Article 1681895539 960589364
2006 Transparency of central banks in supporting financial stability Sotomska-Krzysztofik, P.; Szczepanska, O. Article 1937410473 648286891
2014 Ukraine's Balance of Payments Financial Account as an Indicator of Economic Stability Makarenko, Mykhailo Illich; Пономаренко, О. Article 274697400 200106190