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2016 Analyze of marketing resources of a region – the base for creation reasonable distribution policy of innovations at industrial enterprises Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna Article 2142 1535
2019 Benchmarking of Slovak regions in terms of start-up implementation indicators and creative potential indicators Pitekova, J.; Vrablikova, M. Article 164 145
2017 Competitiveness and innovation performance of regions in Slovak republic Ivanova, E.; Kordos, M. Article 1286 1250
2016 Development of the Enterprise Distribution System Taking into Account the Regional Logistics Potential Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna; Hryshchenko, Olena Fedorivna; Syhyda, Liubov Oleksiivna Article 311 338
2016 Development of the enterprise distribution system taking into account the regional logistics potential Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna; Hryshchenko, Olena Fedorivna; Syhyda, Liubov Oleksiivna Article 502 456
2015 Formation components of socio-economic potential of the region Stoyanets, N.V. Article 260 270
2017 Improving of intellectual property marketing management in the agrarian sphere of region Мakhnusha, S.M. Article 1188 703
2019 Information Economy: Management of Educational, Innovation, and Research Determinants Shkarlet, S.; Kholiavko, N.; Dubyna, M. Article 270 232
2018 Logistic potential in a region as the basis of distributing system at industrial enterprises Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna; Шимаріна, А.К. Conference Papers 208 186
2018 Marketing and logistic support of Ukrainian regional markets for innovative products distribution Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna; Illiashenko, Serhii Mykolaiovych; Hryshchenko, Olena Fedorivna Article 409 388
2017 Regional constituent of integration process of Ukraine in the European space Zabarnaya, E. Article 277 242
2016 Regional economic development: dynamics and intensity of changes Lutskiv, O.M.; Habrel, M.S. Article 320 301
2016 Regional innovative and investment processes analysis and their impact on food-industry wine-producing enterprises development in Odessa region Bondarenko, S.А.; Nizyayeva, V.R. Article 245 142
2015 Social responsibility of education as one of advantages of innovative development of enterprise Zelinska, H.O. Article 390 370
2018 Spatial potential in the structure of logistic potential in Ukrainian regions Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna Book chapter 152 131
2017 Supporting the creation and installation of regional social innovations with knowledge engineering system Kocziszky, G.; Veresne, S.M. Article 135 108
2016 Theoretical component of national financial, economic and cooperative education in Western Ukraine (second half of XIX-XX centuries) and its role in economic management of the region Holubka, M.M. Article 633 436
2015 Using of project approach to organization of regional educational management in the conditions of educational system development at Ivano-Frankivsk area Zelinska, H.O. Article 529 255
2009 Анализ показателей развития регионов Украины Захарченко, В.И.; Петренко, П.С. Article 4015 2651
2013 Аналіз взаємозв'язку між конкурентоспроможністю та інвестиційною привабливістю регіону Solianyk, Oksana Mykolaivna; Єрмак, О.М. Article 543 378