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2022 1064 nm Wavelength p-i-n Photodiode with Low Influence of Periphery on Dark Currents Kukurudziak, M.S. Article 360419361 -2049372159
2020 Ab Initio Calculation of the Interaction of an Edge Dislocation with Transition Metal Impurity Atoms in Silicon Gorkavenko, T.V.; Plyushchay, I.V.; Plyushchay, O.I. Article 3949768 12235292
2021 Analysis of Mechanisms to Increase the Industrial Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Kirichenko, M.V.; Zaitsev, R.V.; Minakova, K.A.; Chugai, O.M.; Oleynick, S.V.; Bilyk, S.Yu.; Styslo, B.O. Article 1997868258 -49242005
2020 Characteristics and Electrical Parameters of Silicon Nanowires (SiNWs) Solar Nanocells Hebali, M.; Bennaoum, M.; Azzeddine, H.A.; Ibari, B.; Benzohra, M.; Chalabi, D. Article 88910698 142807786
2021 Decay of Impurity Clusters of Nickel and Cobalt Atoms in Silicon under the Influence of Pressure Turgunov, N.A.; Berkinov, E.Kh.; Mamajonova, D.Kh. Article 24142614 80336372
2021 Deep Impact of the n-c-Si Defect Density on Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer Solar Cells Dahlal, Z.; Hamdache, F.; Rached, D.; Rahal, W.L. Article -269846710 1484597130
2011 Design and simulation of thin-film silicon quantum well photovoltaic cell Sircar, R.; Tripathi, B.; Gupta, S. Article 501951097 -267188754
2024 Effect of Aluminum (Al: 0, 1, 2 and 3 wt.%) Doping on Electrical Properties of ZnO:Al/p-Si Heterojunction for Optoelectronic Applications Bouacheria, M.A.; Djelloul, A.; Benharrat, L.; Adnane, M. Article 74 77
2022 Effect of Deuterium Ion Implantation Dose on Microstructure and Nanomechanical Properties of Silicon Kuprin, A.S.; Dub, S.N.; Nikolenko, A.S.; Strelchuk, V.V.; Morozov, O.; Tolmachova, G.N.; Pudov, A.O. Article -716210999 2006000250
2020 Effect of Different Heat Treatment Regimes on Electrical Properties and Microstructure of n-Si Gaidar, G.P.; Baranskii, P.I. Article 116290 21824
2024 Effect of GaSb Compound on Silicon Bandgap Energy Iliev, Kh.M.; Zikrillaev, N.F.; Ayupov, K.S.; Isakov, B.O.; Abdurakhmanov, B.A.; Umarkhodjaeva, Z.N.; Isamiddinova, L.I. Article 13 25
2020 Effect of the Porous Silicon Layer Structure on Gas Adsorption Oksanich, A.P.; Pritchin, S.E.; Mashchenko, M.A.; Bobryshev, A.Yu. Article 1529433 1986694
2018 Entropy of Cluster System in Silicon Melt Khrypko, S.L.; Golovko, O.K. Article 1640828 3487954
2024 Influence of Accumulation of Impurity Atoms Ni and Fe on the Electrophysical Properties of Si Single Crystals Turgunov, N.A.; Akbarov, Sh.K.; Khaytimmetov, N.B.; Turmanova, R.M. Article 80 126
2021 Influence of the Angle of Incident Light on the Performance of Textured Silicon Solar Cells Gulomov, J.; Aliev, R. Article 292990103 1431391137
2023 Influence of Wafer Thickness and Screen-Printing Mesh Counts on the Al-BSF in Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells Labdelli, B.; Djelloul, A.; Benharrat, L.; Boucheham, A.; Mazari, H.; Chalal, R.; Manseri, A. Article 9 13
2019 Modification of the Defective Structure of Silicon under the Influence of Radiation Gaidar, G.P.; Pinkovska, M.B.; Starchyk, M.I. Article 545112 831974
2023 Optical Properties of GexSi1 – x Binary Compounds in Silicon Zikrillaev, N.F.; Kushiev, G.A.; Hamrokulov, Sh.I.; Abduganiev, Y.A. Article 2884 7459
2023 Photovoltaic Properties of Silicon Doped with Manganese and Germanium Zikrillaev, N.F.; Kushiev, G.A.; Isamov, S.B.; Abdurakhmanov, B.A.; Tursunov, O.B. Article 87008 77109
2019 Research of Microhardness of Thin Ceramic Coatings Formed by Combined Electron-beam Method on Dielectric Materials Antonyuk, V.S.; Bondarenko, Yu.Yu.; Bilokin’, S.O.; Andrienko, V.O.; Bondarenko, M.O. Article 9362917 15018265