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2020 Business Friendliness, Firm Performance and Owner’s Optimism Kaya, H.D. Article 264356320 199220613
2021 The Determinants Of Primary Employment In U.S. States Kaya, H.D. Article 1425875 588350
2021 Economic Crises And Entrepreneurship: A Comparison Of Developed And Less Developed Countries Kaya, H.D. Article 809476 172215
2022 The global crisis, manufacturing firms, regulations and taxes Kaya, H.D. Article 27 28
2019 Government Support, Entrepreneurial Activity and Firm Growth Kaya, H.D. Article -945813964 -899642175
2021 How Does The Use Of Technology In Entrepreneurial Process Affect Firms’ Growth? Kaya, H.D. Article -921041823 -507010181
2021 The Impact of Regulations on Small Firm Characteristics Kaya, H.D. Article 2128823 359957
2021 The Investigation of Association between Transformational Leadership Behavior and Job Satisfactions Among Small Business in the United States Al-Ahmadi, A.; Kasztelnik, K. Article -468870421 542386436
2017 Justification of the franchising economic efficiency Besedin, D. Conference Papers 210803 6075
2018 Method of Delphi as an innovative tool for managing asymmetric information in financial relationships of potential investors and small business entities Pedchenko, N.; Strilets, V.; Rudenko, N. Article 158329 218270
2021 Problems and prospects of small business development Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Mazin, Yurii Oleksandrovych; Hrytsenko, Pavlo Valeriiovych; Globa, A. Conference Papers 106243620 100537338
2022 Regulations and the characteristics of entrepreneurs Kaya, H. Article 3726 6224
2016 Research of the working model of vortex weighted layer in the granulator Moskalenko, Kyrylo Valeriiovych Conference Papers 127017 92703
2015 Role of small and medium-sized enterprises in Tanzania Mayboroda, Tetyana; Maiboroda, Tetiana Mykolaivna; Bashir, L. Conference Papers 2239622 1433936
2011 Адаптивне планування обсягів виробництва на машинобудівному підприємстві малого бізнесу Антонець, О.О. Conference Papers 7861546 4846771
2009 Актуальні проблеми оподаткування ПДВ суб’єктів малого підприємництва Брайловська, О. Conference Papers 575714 23148
2011 Актуальні проблеми розвитку малого бізнесу в Україні Васильєва, Д.В. Article -362809632 968902491
2021 Аналіз особливостей функціонування малого та середнього бізнесу в Україні Качан, С. О. Bachelous Paper 16394197 11913760
2021 Аналіз стану та перспектив розвитку малого бізнесу в Україні Подгорський, В. П. Bachelous Paper 71267444 156995988
2011 Банковское кредитование малого бизнеса в условиях кризиса Игнашков, В.И. Conference Papers 134315 203