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2013 3D Computer Models of Mo-Zr-V, Ti-C-V, Ti-Ir-Ru T-x-y Diagrams with Three-phase Reaction Type Changing Lutsyk, V.I.; Vorob’eva, V.P. Conference Papers 7233914 742718
2021 3D FDM Printable Polymer Composites and Polymer Nanocomposites: State of the Art Akash, Ahlawat; Ravinder, Kumar Sahde; Gupta, R.K.; Deepak, Chhabra Article 471122 102526
2011 3D gaming Zolotova, Svitlana Hryhorivna; Shabelnyk, T.M. Conference Papers 494492533 21834358
2010 3D graphics: autodesk maya Diadechko, Alla Mykolaivna; Shulima, O. Conference Papers 2151679 1756331
2011 3D movies at home Klochko, S.S.; Zolotova, E.I. Conference Papers 805412 681784
2016 3D Nanostructured Porous Layer of Ammonium Nitrate: Influence of the Moisturizing Method on the Layer's Structure Artyukhov, A.E.; Sklabinskyi, V.I. Article 404781 232350
2021 A 3D Printed 22 Circular Planar Antenna Array for Wireless Communications Applications Ashraf, E. Ahmed; Wael, A.E. Ali; Sudipta, Das Article 578 1789
2011 3d Printer: the beginning of the future is today Pochatko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Panasiuk, D.Y. Conference Papers 433211 390527
2014 3D printers and printing Pavlyuk, M.O. Conference Papers 277433 175149
2014 3D printers in medicine Marchenko, V.U. Conference Papers 96681 52647
2014 3D printing Panchenko, O.O.; Gumennyy, E.O. Conference Papers 183688 8685
2017 3D printing of nanoinks based on the metal and semiconductor nanoparticles Dobrozhan, Oleksandr Anatoliiovych; Salohub, Anna Oleksandrivna; Znamenshchykov, Yaroslav Volodymyrovych; Opanasiuk, Anatolii Serhiiovych; Kononov, О.К. Conference Papers 358360 28628
2011 3D printing offers ability to print physical objects Pochatko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Znamenshchykov, Y. Conference Papers 150177643 11199986
2014 3D-Self-Assemblage and Self-Organization on Natural Colloidal Microinclusions in Mineral Sediments Kuzmenko, A.P.; Chan, Nyein Aung; Rodionov, V.V.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 89746636 18739
2014 3D-друк в медицині Безверха, Т.М. Conference Papers 1423995 330077
2013 3D-модель легкого позашляховика "баггі". Використання засобів SolidWorks в тривимірному моделюванні Брижахін, Є.В.; Гонтарєв, А.А. Conference Papers 442580 3421
2013 3D-модель персонального комп'ютера. Використання засобів SolidWorks в тривимірному моделюванні Кудрявцев, Р.С.; Шепіль, Є.А. Conference Papers 260731 37948
2013 3D-модель прочностных свойств плечевых костей крыс при разных видах деформации Буштрук, А.Н.; Tkach, Hennadii Fedorovych; Pohorielov, Maksym Volodymyrovych; Sikora, Vitalii Zinoviiovych Article 1320929 75498
2013 3D-принтер Бібік, В.І. Conference Papers 46551 7046
2009 4-амино-3-гидразино-5-оксо-6-R-1,2,4-триазины в реакциях с карбонильными соединениями Ефименко, С.М. Conference Papers 1437903 15630