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2019 A Comprehensive Analysis of European Banking Soundness – Theoretical Study Naser, N. Article 1824 1764
2017 A Computer Simulation of Radiation-Induced Structural Changes and Properties of Multiperiod ZrNx/MoNx System Sobol, O.V.; Meylekhov, A.A.; Bochulia, T.V.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Gorban, V.F.; Postelnyk, А.А.; Shevchenko, S.M.; Yanchev, A.V. Article 451 400
2017 A conceptual model for service innovation excellence for non-governmental higher education Noruzy, A.; Abili, Kh.; Pourkarimi, J.; Ansari, M. Article 1441 1437
2018 A Conceptual Study of HRM Practices and Market Orientation on Lecturer’s Retention: A Case Study of Malaysian Universities Qureshi, Z.H.; Al Halbusi, H.; Pitafi, S.; Tehseen, S. Article 1038 1048
2013 A consortium approach to revolutionising subject-based teaching in the medical curriculum of post-Soviet countries: What can ePBLnet teach us? Loboda, Andrii Mykolaiovych Conference Papers 6789 7704
2014 A creolized text of an Internet meme as a means of forming image of the city in new media: thematic and problematic aspects Savchenko, I. Conference Papers 3496 3087
2012 A criterion of the coordination of the interests of different generations Skliar, Iryna Dmytrivna; Kostel, Mykola Vasylovych Conference Papers 6347 4370
2015 A development of standart content of the main chemical compounds for production of whole milk substitute (WMS) with the inclusion of biotech products Kindia, Valerii Illich; Belogubets, A.V. Conference Papers 476 431
2015 A Device for Successive Injection Analysis Tychkov, V.V.; Trembovetskaya, R.V. Conference Papers 871 624
2019 A DFT Study of Hydrogen Adsorption on h-BN: Boron Doping Effects Petrushenko, I.K. Article 192 78
2017 A DFT Study of Hydrogen Adsorption onto Graphene: Effect of Nitrogen Doping Petrushenko, I.K. Article 2985 2746
2016 A DFT Study on Electronic and Structural Properties of Graphene Nanoribbons Petrushenko, I.K. Article 1576 1539
2012 A digital life Borshchenko, D.A. Conference Papers 2484 945
2012 A digital life Borshchenko, D.A. Conference Papers 1876 915
2017 A Discriminant Analysis of Insurance Companies in Ukraine Kremen, Viktoriia Mykhailivna; Riashchenko, V.; Bochkarova, T. Article 776 667
2011 A doping dependent threshold voltage model of uniformly doped short-channel symmetric double-gate (DG) MOSFET’s Tiwari, P.K.; Dubey, S.; Jit, S. Article 3049 3040
2012 A few practical ideas about teaching eap Zolotova, Svitlana Hryhorivna Conference Papers 3439 1919
2015 A First Principles Study of Chalcopyrite Mn-doped AlGaP2 Compounds Kang, Byung-Sub; Song, Kie-Moon Article 1059 982
2005 A fixed capital: main regulations and effective using Livatskaya, T.N. Conference Papers 3560 2108
2010 A Foreign Language Acquisition Reshetniak, Maryna Valeriivna; Решетняк, Марина Валеріївна; Решетняк, Марина Валерьевна Conference Papers 2447 2280