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2012 Measurements of Radiative Vacancy Transfer Probabilities for Some Elements Irradiated with Photons of 0.0208 Nanometer Wavelengths Durak, R.; Ates, A.; Turhan, M.F.; Saglam, M. Conference Papers 99 51
2010 Measuring and control devices grinding machine Korotun, Mykola Mykolaiovych; Сорока, Я.В.; Soroka, Y.V. Conference Papers 626 726
2016 Measuring commercialization success of innovations in the EU Lipkova, L.; Braga, D. Article 1594 1585
2017 Measuring Efficiency of Financial Support in Lifelong Learning System: A Case Study of Ukrainian Regions Jikia, G.; Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Petrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych Article 54 19
2012 Measuring of customer capital of enterprises Diadechko, Alla Mykolaivna; Golysheva, Ie. Conference Papers 206 313
2016 Measuring of roundness after turning of composite material with natural fibers Mital, D.; Zajac, J.; Botko, F.; Hatala, M.; Mitalova, Z.; Radchenko, S.; Ivanov, Vitalii Oleksandrovych Article 44 13
2016 Measuring of roundness of WPC materials after turning Mital, D.; Zajac, J.; Botko, F.; Hatala, M.; Mitalova, Z.; Radchenko, S.; Ivanov, Vitalii Oleksandrovych Conference Papers 74 10
2019 Measuring the Level of Satisfaction with Respect to the Quality of Services Provided by the Local Tourist Destination in Mashhad, Iran Saberifar, R.; Chatterjee, U.; Bhunia, G.S. Article 57 49
2012 Mechanic work of the heart Obukhova, Olha Anatoliivna Presentation 53395 49211
2018 Mechanical and Electric Properties of Ni[x]Co[1-x]Fe[2]O[4] Ferrites Bushkova, V.S.; Yaremiy, I.P.; Ilnitsky, R.V.; Dzundza, B.S.; Matkivsky, O.M. Article 9 6
2013 Mechanical and Tribological Properties of TiN Coatings Produced by PIII&D Technique Akkaya, S.S.; Vasyliev, V.V.; Kazmanl, K.; Luchaninov, A.A.; Reshetnyak, E.N.; Solak, N.; Strel’nitskij, V.E.; Ürgen, M. Conference Papers 263 84
2020 Mechanical Characterization of Electrodeposition of Ni-P Alloy Coating Lekmine, F.; Temam, H. Ben; Naoun, M.; Hadjadj, M. Article 69 63
2010 Mechanical properties of "zigzag" and multi-walled carbon nanotubes Lytvynenko, Halyna Ivanivna; Karpechenko, A.D. Conference Papers 1011 304
2012 Mechanical Properties of Nano- and Submicrocrystalline Iron Subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation by Friction Yurkova, A.I.; Byakova, A.V. Conference Papers 120 89
2013 Mechanically Stacked Triple-junction GaInP / GaAs / Si Solar Cell Simulation Gnilenko, A.B.; Plaksin, S.V. Article 327 121
2013 Mechanism and Conditions of Nanoisland Structures Formation by Vacuum Annealing of Ultrathin Metal Films Tomilin, S.V.; Yanovsky, A.S. Article 437 166
2006 Mechanism of ecologic-economic policy Kostiuchenko, Nadiia Mykolaivna; Shevchenko, Tetiana Ivanivna Conference Papers 545 552
2018 Mechanism of modernization of industrial sphere of industrial enterprise in accordance with requirements of the information economy Кwilinski, A. Article 385 358
2013 Mechanism of Oxygen Redistribution During Ultra-shallow Junction Formation in Silicon Oberemok, O.S.; Gamov, D.V.; Litovchenko, V.G.; Romanyuk, B.M.; Melnik, V.P.; Klad’ko, V.P.; Popov, V.G.; Gudymenko, O.Yo. Conference Papers 122 48
2014 Mechanism of the environmental management implementation on the forestry enterprises Mishenin, Yevhen Vasylovych; Yarova, Inessa Yevhenivna; Mishenina, Halyna Anatoliivna Article 226 155