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2017 Dabdoub Epidemiological features of diarrheal infections under the current conditions in Ukraine Mohammad, L.D.; Malysh, N.G. Conference Papers 24 11
2013 Das elektronische geld Vakarchuk, V. Conference Papers 206 103
2012 Das methode zur ermittlung des verschleisses der schneideklinge Zaloga, O.; Ocak, M. Conference Papers 281 152
2014 Dashboards as business performans management software (BPMS) Myroshnychenko, D.V. Conference Papers 30 57
2013 Data analysis of tuberculosis infection in united republic of Tanzania and Ukrane during 2001-2011 Smiianova, Olha Ivanivna; Innocent, M. Conference Papers 377 99
2019 Data Measuring System for Torque Measurement on Running Shafts Based on a Non-Contact Torsional Dynamometer Vanieiev, Serhii Mykhailovych; Miroshnychenko, Dmytro Valeriiovych; Rodymchenko, Tetiana Serhiivna; Protsenko, M.; Smolenko, D.V. Article 20 15
2018 Data Mining Methods and Models for Social and Economic Processes Forecasting Dehtiarova, Y.V.; Yevdokimov, Y. Article 62 21
2017 Data Mining of Operations with Card Accounts of Bank Clients Subeh, M.A.; Yarovenko, Hanna Mykolaivna Article 68 10
2015 David Sarnoff Koloskova, O.A. Conference Papers 72 7
2019 DC, AC, and Transient Simulation Study of MEMS Cantilever Khot, S.S.; Patil, A.A.; Mokashi, V.N.; Waifalkar, P.P.; More, K.V.; Kamat, R.K.; Dongale, T.D. Article 19 14
2019 DC-Magnetron Sputtered Mo Back Contact for Chalcopyrite Thin Film Solar Cells Haribhau, Borate; Subhash, Pandarkar; Ravindra, Waykar; Ashok, Jadhawar; Bharat, Gabhale; Rahul, Aher; Ajinkya, Bhorde; Shruthi, Nair; Priti, Vairale; Sandesh, Jadkar Article 34 11
2013 Debye Limiting Law Violation in Clusters and Nanostructures Kuznetsov, V.M.; Tereshkina, K.B. Conference Papers 281 74
2018 Decentralization in Ukraine Burnakova, V.Y. Conference Papers 91 11
2016 Decentralization of the natural resources governance Golyan, V.; Sakal, O.; Kalenska, O. Conference Papers 99 31
2015 Decision making for sustainable development Melnyk, Leonid Hryhorovych; Dehtiarova, Iryna Borysivna; Ibukun, A.O. Conference Papers 48 54
2013 Decision making methods in project management Zahovora, Olha Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 147 127
2005 Decision of economic-ecological problems of sasyk-liman Rubel, O.E. Conference Papers 423 522
2014 Decision support for selecting therapeutic tactic in acute intestinal caused by opportunistic microflora Polovian, Kateryna Serhiivna Conference Papers 110 57
2017 Decision support in managment of hybrid renewable energy sources Shendryk, S.O. Conference Papers 19 8
2010 Decision support system Diadechko, Alla Mykolaivna; Shishov, I. Conference Papers 353 361