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2011 Jakarta social action Nuralamy, Setiyawati Conference Papers 205 143
2004 Jamming Transition with Fluctuations of Characteristic Acceleration/braking Time Khomenko, Oleksii Vitaliiovych; Kharchenko, Dmytro Olehovych; Yushchenko, Olha Volodymyrivna Article 983 663
2018 January effect: 200 years of evolution in the us stock market Plastun, Oleksii Leonidovych; Пластун, В. Article 32 26
2008 Japanese robotics Plokhuta, Tetiana Mykolaivna; Krets, A.K. Conference Papers 385 328
2012 Japonskie doswiadczenie regulacji stosunkow w dziedzinie oswiaty w kontekscie udoskonalenia prawa ukrainskiego Derevianko, Bohdan Volodymyrovych Article 35 19
1992 Jerusalem Phytotoxic Microorganisms. Ecological and Applicative Aspects Chayen, Samuel Conference Papers 58 35
2017 Jewish pogroms in the South of Ukraine in the First Russian Revolution Tokalenko, P.O. Article 21 8
2009 Ji investments opportunities in Ukraine: benefits and risks Boronos, Daryna Volodymyrivna; Kobushko, Ihor Mykolaiovych Conference Papers 409 425
2015 Jobless society – phenomenon of global economy Bilobrova, T.O.; Tul, S.I. Article 106 70
2012 John Fowles. His novel "The Collector": images and problems Тіщенко, Д.А. Conference Papers 192 1731
2014 John Logie Baird Yakovenko, A.A. Conference Papers 345 102
2006 Joining Ukraine the world trade organization and its consequences for the chemical industry of the country Postupak, О. Article 44 6
2014 Joint dislocation Abu, Ashekh Malek Conference Papers 158 40
2004 Joint implementation projects. Ukrainian way Semkiv, O. Conference Papers 305 258
2019 Joint venture as a form of international cooperation Kucherevich, V.V. Bachelous Paper 9 0
2018 Journal Article Critique: The Validity and Reliability of Cross-National Surveys Analysis Bhandari, M. Article 42 153
2008 Journalism ethics and standards Proniaieva, Viktoriia Eduardivna; Toshchev, M.G. Conference Papers 667 488
2014 Justice and Law Kobiakova, Iryna Karpivna; Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna Schoolbook 956 2224
2017 Justification of integrated environmental and economic assessment of the impact actions in the field of oil and gas extraction Matsenko, Oleksandr Mykhailovych; Hramma, Olha Mykolaivna Article 41 5
2017 Justification of the franchising economic efficiency Besedin, D. Conference Papers 18 10