Філологічні трактати [1361]

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2011 "...A на вустах всміхалась Україна" (листи Михайла Осадчого до Миколи Данька. 3 березня 1960 р. - 19 серпня 1971 р.) Вертій, О.І.; Sadivnychyi, Volodymyr Oleksiiovych Article 1122392278 2053400309
2018 Actualization of drinking culture in the English-speaking worldview Yehorova, Olesia Ivanivna; Tretiak, I.V. Article 1298979228 -1854120506
2015 An Excursus on Truth and Language in Paul Celan Bravi, R. Article 603026846 -689635634
2019 Analysis of lexical-semantic and stylistic devices of fairy tales by Oscar Wilde Reshytko, Anna Dmytrivna Article 1803975833 819179317
2021 Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics and Other Interdisciplinary Sciences as Effective Intercultural Communication Strategies Serebrianska, I. Article -1748536286 2078338995
2020 Archetypal dominant in the Ukrainian sector of social networks Khraban, T. Article -389680927 1881842223
2020 Artistic Reportages by o. Kryshtopa’s Ukraine: the Scope 1:1 Lenok, M. Article -1040628027 1053219630
2022 Authentic materials in french language learning as a practice of intercultural communication Bigun, O.; Yatskiv, N. Article 34481149 17598319
2018 Bible and Vulgar Words Translation in Pre-Election Discourse of the USA Popova, Olena Volodymyrivna; Aroshidze, N.; Stovpak, O.S. Article 1156783383 -532966050
2017 British Newspaper Discourse: From Notion to Lexical and Grammatical Features Movchan, Diana Vasylivna; Vetoshkina, M. Article 1875291789 -766693499
2023 Cartoons in the genre spectrum of political discourse Movchan, Diana Vasylivna; Ushchapovska, Iryna Vasylivna; Savchuk, A. Article 1366 973
2020 Communicative and pragmatic function s of lexical blends in advertising discourse Medvid, Olena Mykolaivna; Solomka, A.; Vashyst, Kateryna Mykolaivna Article -1275982053 1899647593
2018 Communicative Behavior: Gender Aspect Kobiakova, Iryna Karpivna Article -1742857340 264520242
2018 Communicative Behavior: Gender Aspect Kobiakova, Iryna Karpivna Article 557134960 -1704523561
2016 Communicative Orientation of Proper Names in English Fairy Tale Discourse Nazarenko, Olena Viacheslavivna; Ivanenko, O.; Vitchenko, V. Article 639124231 -2010032281
2014 Communicative strategies and tactics in the professional discourse of the border guards Karpushyna, M.H. Article -866395370 2013436100
2023 A comparison of online peer assessment and face-to-face peer assessment Güven, U.; Kush, J.; Behlül Bilal, S. Article 117 70
2018 Compounding as the Most Productive Type of Word Formation in English Fiction Texts (Based on the Series of Novels by George Martin "A Game of Thrones") Shumenko, Olha Anatoliivna; Vasylenko, K. Article -1773094922 -1079939885
2018 Concatenation of Grammatical and Lexical Components in the Political Discourse of the USA Popova, Olena Volodymyrivna; Prykhodko, Nataliia Anatoliivna; Spasskaja, A. Article 1782616412 1971096909
2023 The concept of death in British worldview: verbal and textual manifestations Dzherikh, O. Article 423 155