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Title Науково-освітні кластери: відмітні характеристики та передумови розвитку
Other Titles Научно-образовательные кластеры: отличительные характеристики и предпосылки развития
Authors П'ятницька, Г.Т.
Keywords науково-освітній кластер
передумови розвитку
ядро кластера
кваліфіковані кадри
вищі навчальні заклади
виставки наукових досягнень
научно-образовательный кластер
предпосылки развития
квалифицированные кадры
высшие учебные заведения
выставки научных достижений
scientific-educational cluster
preconditions of development
core of cluster
qualified staff
higher education institutions
exhibition of scientific achievements
Type Article
Date of Issue 2016
Publisher Сумський державний університет
Citation П'ятницька, Г.Т. Науково-освітні кластери: відмітні характеристики та передумови розвитку [Текст] / Г.Т. П'ятницька // Маркетинг і менеджмент інновацій. - 2016. - № 3. - С. 191-207. - Available:
Abstract Проаналізовані різні трактування понять «освітній кластер», «науковий (або дослідницький) кластер», «науково-освітній кластер». Уточнено дефініцію та виділено відмітні характеристики науково-освітнього кластера. Визначено передумови розвитку науково-освітніх кластерів та проведено оцінювання їх наявності в Україні. Виявлено найбільш суттєві проблеми на шляху розвитку науково-освітніх кластерів в Україні.
Проанализированы различные трактовки таких понятий как «образовательный кластер», «научный (или исследовательский) кластер», «научно-образовательный кластер». Уточнена дефиниция и выделены отличительные характеристики научно-образовательного кластера. Определены предпосылки для развития научно-образовательных кластеров и проведена оценка их наличия в Украине. Выявлены наиболее существенные проблемы на пути развития научно-образовательных кластеров в Украине.
The aim of the article. The aim of our study was following: to determine the preconditions for the development of scientific-educational cluster and to evaluate presence of this conditions in Ukraine now. The results of the analysis. On the bases of analysis of the different interpretations of such concepts as «educational cluster», «scientific (or research) cluster», «scientific-educational cluster» and cores of all this clusters, we improved the definition and allocated distinctive features of the scientific-educational cluster. In our opinion, scientific-educational cluster is one of the cluster’s types, which combines research institutions (scientific centers, institutes, laboratories, etc.) and educational institutions with strong scientific and educational bases and high intellectual potential. Members of these clusters are capable to produce, promote and facilitate the practical implementation and dissemination of innovation; solve complex social, economic, technical and other problems; develop good relationships with businesses. The key tasks of the scientific-educational cluster’s development are qualified personnel (staff) training and retraining according to the needs of the country / region / local area, etc. It was established that the main preconditions for the scientific-educational cluster development are: 1) existence the educational institution(s) or scientific-educational center with a strong scientific and educational bases; 2) financial resources for the development and effective work of the cluster’s members; 3) sufficient human resources with high intellectual potential; 4) close contacts for cooperation between scientific-educational center and business; 5) stimulus and motivational factors for increasing innovation activity at the enterprises, their absorption of innovations, increasing demand for high quality educational services. Conclusions and directions of further researches. The study demonstrated that today in Ukraine we have certain preconditions for the scientific-educational clusters development (particularly in the military field). At the same time, we found that the most significant challenges to the scientific-educational clusters development in Ukraine are following: a lack of financial resources and clear understanding what industry / sphere of economic activity need such cluster formations; the lack of clarity on the current and future needs of the national labor market; far from perfect relationship between universities and businesses: their collaboration in the researches should be much more productive than now. The results of this research in the future may be useful for developing programs of the scientific-educational clusters creation in Ukraine and others countries. Also they will be useful in the study of different clustering strategies and conditions for their selection in various market situations. The results of research are obtained within performance of scientific work «Clustering the economy of Ukraine in conditions of European integration» (state registration number 0115U000566). These results will be used for the development of recursive algorithms of public-private partnership for the implementation of the state policy of national economic system clustering.
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