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Title: Перспективи модернізації вітчизняних промислових підприємств
Other Titles: Перспективы модернизации отечественных промышленных предприятий
Perspectives of national industrial enterprises modernization
Authors: Новаківський, І.І.
Лущак, Н.С.
Борбулевич, В.З.
Keywords: інновації
організаційно-виробнича структура
система управління підприємства
организационно-производственная структура
система управления предприятия
enterprise management system
organizational and production structure
Issue Year: 2016
Publisher: Сумський державний університет
Citation: Новаківський, І.І. Перспективи модернізації вітчизняних промислових підприємств [Текст] / І.І. Новаківський, Н.С. Лущак, В.З. Борбулевич // Маркетинг і менеджмент інновацій. - 2016. - № 3. - С. 230-245.
Abstract: Стаття присвячена вирішенню проблем модернізації підприємств України з урахуванням сучасних соціально-економічних умов. Авторами наведено результати статистичного обстеження промислових підприємств Західного регіону України та проведено аналіз їх стану і перспектив модернізації. Сформовано стратегічні цілі модернізації вітчизняних підприємств, визначено пріоритети її проведення, обгрунтовано доцільність застосування перспективних рішень у напрямі випереджувальної модернізації.
Статья посвящена решению проблем модернизации предприятий Украины с учетом современных социально-экономических условий. В работе приведены результаты статистического обследования промышленных предприятий Западного региона Украины, и проведен анализ их состояния и перспектив модернизации. Сформированы стратегические цели модернизации отечественных предприятий, определены приоритеты ее проведения, обоснована целесообразность применения перспективных решений в направлении опережающей модернизации.
The aim of the article.This article is concerned with solving problems of industrial enterprises modernization in Ukraine considering current socioeconomic conditions. The results of the analysis.The industrial enterprises survey in Western Ukraine and the analysis of their current state and prerspective of modernization are presented in this paper. The survey was conducted by authors and found out that the enterprises majority in Western Ukraine confirmed the commitment to modernization and innovative transformation for advanced development possibilities. Enterprises need to use a wide range of production possibilities in conditions of very limited investment. This situation contributes to the development and production of flexible organizational structures with minimal budgets that would be able to maintain effective global horizontal industrial, economic and branching commercial relations. The authors identified the following characteristics of the successful (profitable) future enterprise such as continual changes, quick response and advanced knowledge of the concept of quality which based on the analysis of the current range of development objectives at machine-building enterprises in Western Ukraine and comparing them to the business environment in developed countries. The authors represented strategic goals and identified the modernization priorities of national enterprises. According to the authors, the basic requirements to the production organisation in the modern conditions are quality assurance and standartization of technological manufacturing processes; availability of chain cost optimization benefit tools; the flexible organizational structure and system configuration of the production capacity. The article defines the principle "flexible organizational structures of the production enterprise - the ability of the enterprise with minimal cost and in short time without stopping the process of activities to release new products, the introduction of a new production line and so on. Modern organizational and production structures should be able to improve themselves that will help the company "grow out of itself." The research shows that the transformational competencies formation of the company is an important factor of the modernization. The authors identified and classified a number of methods for responding to the disturbance of the environment, depending on sources fluctuation. In such circumstances, modern enterprises need modernization - the "smart modernization" which is monitored at the level of the whole management and production technology, particularly through the implementation of the intelligent automated elements at work. The authors identified several types of the most common technological concepts and systems (PPS, SCM, IR, CAM), which are being actively implemented in European companies and recommended it to the national market. Conclusions and directions for further research.The provided survey found that the majority of enterprises in Western Ukraine confirmed the necessity and commitment to modernization and innovation transformation for the advanced development prospects. There is a necessity of formation the flexible organizational units and production structures that meet the needs of today's transformational potential with appropriate skills. The authors highlighted three areas of the manufacturing industry organizational structures: the formation of an effective control management mechanism by horizontal organizational structures; development of organizational and production structures which can be flexibly integrated into both internal and external value chains; development of effective mechanisms at the responsibility centers with advanced tools for analyzing processes of modernization. Further researches are connected to the efficiency assessment system development of industrial enterprises flexible organizational structures.Also, it could cover the area of the beneficial effects from the appropriate technologies introduction for adoption the best international practices to the national enterprises specific operating conditions.
Type: Article
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