Business Ethics and Leadership (BEL) [133]

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2018 Strategic Transformation and Innovation towards Blue Ocean Creation in a Changing Corporate Reality Karaoulanis, A. Article 232 269
2017 Structural assessment of market capacity: client-oriented conception Mentel, G.; Peresadko, G. Article 931 818
2020 “Take a knee” Protests in Professional Sports: An Empirical Study about the Influence on Customer Loyalty to Nike in Germany Giebe, C.; Löffler, L.; Schneider, S. Article 21 13
2017 The Analysis of Choice in the Decision-Making Process of the Agents Greco, F. Article 55 12
2018 The Deployment of Next Generation Access Network in the EU: Facts and Analysis of Regulatory Issues Milon, K.; Nur-Al-Ahad, Md.; Monjurul Alam, A.B.M. Article 44 22
2018 The Essence of Ethical Leadership and Its Influence in Achieving Employees’ Job Satisfaction Ahmed, M.N. Article 177 99
2018 The Examination of Appearance of Income Inequality in Scientific Databases with Content Analysis Nagy, Z.B.; Kiss, L.B. Article 88 81
2018 The Examination of the Appearance of CSR in On-line Scientific Databases Kiss, L.B. Article 112 154
2019 The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Value of the Company in the Egyptian Stock Market Elhennawy, E.M. Article 58 19
2019 The Impact of Income Inequality on the Economic Growth of Iran: An Empirical Analysis Jafarzadeh, E.; Shuquan, He Article 222 10
2019 The Impact of Internet on the Youth Leadership Ahmmed, Md.M.; Salim, Z.R. Article 35 39
2019 The Impact of Trade on Environmental Quality: A Business Ethics Perspective and Evidence from China He, S. Article 61 55
2018 The ISO 9001 International Standards in a System of the Banking Services Quality Management Demkiv, Yu.M. Article 54 105
2019 The Leadership’s Fairness and Social Skills − the Very Foundation of the Management and Functionality of an Entity Trifu, A. Article 41 42
2019 The Lobbying in Post-communist Time: Bulgarian Case Stavrova, E. Article 100 87
2019 The Paradigm of OS and OCB: The Influence of Person-environment Fit in Pakistani Banking Firms Mushtaq, I.; Muneeb, A.; Farooq, R.; Ma, J. Article 147 179
2017 The Process of Communication in Decision-Making Tofan, C.A. Article 677 860
2019 The Public Good of Internet Usage and its Social Impact: A Business Ethics Approach Bardy, R.; Rubens, A. Article 179 37
2019 The Role of Coping in Salespeople’s Satisfaction and Its Effect on Salespeople’s Ethics Srivastava, R.V. Article 30 71
2018 The Role of Internal and External Stakeholders in Higher Education System in Ukraine Kryklii, Olena Anatoliivna; Kyrychenko, Kostiantyn Ivanovych; Savga, L. Article 117 247